♫ We’re merely soldiers in petticoats…


… dauntless crusaders for women’s votes! ♫

Woman Suffrage Headquarters, Ohio 1912. The 1912 measure failed, 57% to 43%. It was eventually passed in 1919. (Found at reddit.)

Some states, however, granted women suffrage earlier. Here’s an amazing image, shared by redditor /u/MerIinsBeard and originally posted by his 92-year-old grandmother, shows his great-great-grandmother accompanying her 103-year-old friend to vote for the very first time.


Of course, there was opposition:


But the suffragettes soldiered on:


Suffragette parade, 10/23/1915

… until their efforts were rewarded.

19th.tif EEOC.tif

19th Amendment to the United States Constitution

A huge step for women, a giant leap for humanity. Yet there are still so many steps to take…

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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