GoDaddy goes after affiliate marketers

I have often posted about snake oil vendors on the internet and the operation of scummy affiliate marketers that flood our inboxes and search results with come-ons for worthless products that hook vulnerable people into giving up credit card numbers and signing up for endless refills of overpriced trash. After some brilliant internet sleuthing, GoDaddy […]

Affiliate Marketing – How many lies can they cram in?

I’ve written before about affiliate marketing, and what a plague it is on the internet. I just had a tab pop up on my browser – despite two ad-blockers being active – and I thought I’d share an image or two. Health experts recommend losing between 1-2 pounds a week for healthy weight release. This […]

Probioslim: The latest affiliate marketing scam.

It starts with spam. That’s the first indication that whatever product or service being hawked is ineffective, undesirable, dangerous, or unethical. Honest companies just don’t spam. From: “ProbioSlim” <> To: redacted Subject: No more pho | ny d | i••et plans Notice the subject line with the crap in it. Anything that pulls tricks like this is […]

Those Medicare Ads

Sounds great, right? So you click the ad, and they want your age, your birthdate, your name, your zip code, and your phone number, which you happily provide. But before being able to submit your information, you have to agree to their terms. Which are these: By clicking ‘View My Results’, I expressly consent by […]

When lawyers get their comeuppance

Ain’t it a grand and glorious feeling? I know some really good, decent, and ethical attorneys. At least two. But it’s always nice to experience that warm glow of Schadenfreude when you see the firm of Dewey, Cheetham,and Howe get a well-deserved comeuppance. “Following [Mad] magazine’s parody of the film The Empire Strikes Back, a […]

Farticles and Advertorials are Old News

I’ve written often about affiliate marketers who use advertorials and farticles (advertisements designed to look like news articles) in their never-ending hunt for clicks and commissions. It’s an ongoing plague, but one that seems to have become an inextirpable part of the internet landscape. As annoying as it is, this technique is not new. Here, […]

The “Blog Follower” Bots are Still Busy

Yesterday I posted an article about affiliate marketing and the underhanded, despicable lies they use in their come-on websites to hook gullible people into buying worthless products. Surprisingly, this post attracted a flurry of new followers: Online Health Offers Net Millionaire Dudes Online Arts Marketing Digital Tools For You Motivated to Lose Weight Marketing Trends […]

Never download apps that do this.

You’re browsing along on your mobile, and suddenly this screen or one like it pops up. You can’t go back. Sometimes your device begins buzzing. Sometimes there’s an ominous computer-generated voice along with it. You can usually quit your browser altogether, but you might lose where you were. If you click “OK”, you might get […]

Watch that fine print

Wow, TV + Internet +Voice, $29.99! That certainly grabs the attention. “Each.” That means the total price is about 90 bucks. Hmm, not such a great deal after all. And “Standard rates apply after 1 year,” says the teeny-tiny print on the back. This is not exclusive to Spectrum – pull just about any flyer out […]