For Colored

This photo by was originally published by Life magazine on 27 June 1938.  (Click on the picture for a full-size version.) The original caption that she wrote for the photo was never published: FOR COLORED sign atop round Coca-Cola sign tacked to a wooden Star of David in front of BOOKER TEA WASHINGTON store effecting a […]

Colored Entrance, 1956

Within my lifetime. That little girl looks like she’d be about my age; incredible that such things were possible. Edit: When I first saw this picture, I was not aware of its origin. This beautiful picture by Gordon Parks is one of a series of 40 that will be on display at the High Museum […]

WOT: (Web of Trust) – A valuable extension

I’ve mentioned WOT in a number of my previous posts, but I thought I’d give it a bit more exposure, given the amount of scams, fake news websites, and general internet douchebaggery that is so prevalent right now. Web of Trust is a FREE extension that adds a small circle after any clickable link on […]

Cultural appropriation and Native American wisdom.

“The problem with quotes on the Internet is that their sources are extremely hard to verify.” -Abraham Lincoln And see, there are so many things out there like that where some bit of human wisdom or snippet of humor is attributed to somebody, or anybody, or George Carlin, or Mother Teresa, or Bill Cosby, or […]

The Top 100 Anime Movies of All Time (with some sources)

This list was compiled originally by redditor /u/PixelPenguins, and a link to images, reasons for selection, and short synopses was provided at Imgur. /u/DisposableFox texted the list, and /u/Rydel6 went hunting  to see which ones were available at Netflix or elsewhere. Below, the list with source where available. Naturally, this is only one person’s preferences, […]

I love the people of Chamula. *Belch*

Now, aside from several trips to the barrios of Tijuana to help build houses for Project Mercy, I’ve never been south of the border. So I can’t say I know the people of Chamula, a small town in the Chiapan highlands in the South of Mexico, but their syncretic religion fascinates me, a blend of Catholic and […]