Here’s why you do external backups

The BotNet distributing the original Cryptolocker was taken down (I’ve mentioned this malware multiple times), and many people were able to get their data back – but there are still many malicious clones of this supremely evil malware floating around out there. Per this article (in Norwegian, but you can use Google Translate to get […]

Malware download from “eBay GMBH” (German Ebay)

Clearly not from the German version of eBay, but posting this here just in case anyone gets the same email and Googles for it. Rechnung für [redacted] noch offen: Nummer 19879661 Sent By: Inkasso Ebay GmbH   On:Apr 04/22/15 12:59 AM Forderung an [redacted].22 04.2015-Inkasso Ebay (130 KB) | Download Sehr geehrter Kunde [Redacted], Ihr Kreditinstitut hat die […]

Again: Don’t click on email attachments from unknown people.

This cannot be stressed enough: Don’t click on email attachments from unknown people. Edit: Friends have pointed out that it’s best to be wary of attachments appearing to be from people you know, if you aren’t expecting one. Contact lists can be stolen and people impersonated. Yesterday this email showed up in my inbox: To: [edited] […]

Why you *never* click embedded links in your email

See that link to “Capital One” there in the body of the email? It will actually take you to an entirely different website that just looks like it’s from Capital One. Congratulations, you’ve just handed the key to your bank account and your email account to thieves, probably in Eastern Europe or Africa. One would think people […]

Practice Safe Computing!

This can’t be stressed enough, or repeated often enough. Just got an email today in my business account that looked like this: Dear Sir/Madam, The attached payment advice is issued at the request of our customer. The advice is for your reference only. Yours faithfully, Global Payments and Cash Management HSBC *************************************************************************** This is an […]