Weight-loss fraud – still a multibillion dollar industry

With all the good food to eat in the world, compounded by reality shows about celebrity chefs and such things, it’s easy as pie to gain weight. (I see what I did there.) But getting it off is another matter. Which is why the weight loss industry, including its concomitant multilevel marketing products, homeopathic remedies, […]

Fraud by Deception – Labor Regulatory Compliance Office

Executive Summary: Do not pay this company a dime. They are charging an outrageous fee for something any business can get for nothing, and using scare tactics to imply that you are at risk of fines up to $17,000 for being out of compliance.    You can click the thumbnails above for larger images. Note […]

A clever idea for combating elder fraud

I’ve written about sweepstakes fraud before – a number of times, actually, since greater exposure means more people protected. But it’s difficult to reach everyone, and especially those who are most vulnerable to being victimized are also least likely to be surfing around on the internet. Now comes serial entrepreneur Kai Stinchcombe, whose grandmother was being […]

Every Day with Rachael: Fraud, Spam, Scam

“Every day” is about how often I get fraud-promoting spam from this outfit. Today’s offering: Subject: Re: (8) From: <k.gerth@ricona.de> To: <redactedt> Hi. http://i-t-s.co.jp/_259.choice.of.many_.html?qafyvenafa55636598 While spam is usually best ignored, I follow some of these so I can keep my readership (and those searching the Net) informed of the scumminess out there. I have posted before […]

Infuriating Fraud

Mom’s been gone now almost two years – it hardly seems possible. But the scammers of the world still have her name on their lists. Yesterday we received a piece of mail addressed to her, from one of the most infuriating, amoral, and soulless scumbags out there: Joseph Rockfiller, the “Grand Treasurer of the Order […]

The supplement industry is out of control

“Research has recently discovered an incredibly effective way to shrink your prostate,” trumpets the landing page. “We don’t know how long this video will be up, the medical industry sure does not like it… watch it now while you can.” Well, just because I am concerned about prostate issues, I did watch it. But now […]

Why do people keep supporting Trump no matter what he does? (Alternate title: Cruelty is the Point.)

Slightly bowdlerized from the original From a lady named Jen. Seen at reddit, posted by u/xenophonXiphos, but shared widely elsewhere and originally posted (I think) on Facebook. “You all don’t get it. I live in Trump country, in the Ozarks in southern Missouri, one of the last places where the KKK still has a relatively […]

Still lots of junk followers

Back in 2013, I wrote about “junk followers” on WordPress, fake or empty or commercial accounts who use bots to follow every blog they possible can in hopes of more exposure for themselves. Just in case you were wondering, this is a scummy thing to do, right up there with spam-bombing other people’s blogs with […]