Facebook Login Scam

The email above was in my spam folder, hence automatically suspicious. If you click on that “to cONTACT” button, you can see that the mail was not sent by Facebook but by someone at “beratinind.co.uk.” Maybe. That was probably spoofed as well. Whether you “Report the user” or “Yes, me” (note the poor grammar), you […]

Weight-loss fraud – still a multibillion dollar industry

With all the good food to eat in the world, compounded by reality shows about celebrity chefs and such things, it’s easy as pie to gain weight. (I see what I did there.) But getting it off is another matter. Which is why the weight loss industry, including its concomitant multilevel marketing products, homeopathic remedies, […]

Rachael has now dropped sixteen dress sizes.

I wage war against spam, affiliate marketers, snake oil and general pseudo-scientific bulldust. In a previous post about worthless nutritional supplements, I posted three identical advertorials from the “Every Day with Rachael” website, which is nothing more than an affiliate marketing portal for hawking useless weight-loss nostrums. Yesterday I got another one.  I reproduce all four […]

ProBioSlim: I got someone really mad. My first “cease and desist” letter.

As anyone who follows my blog knows, I have been quite active in warning people against sweepstakes fraud, Nigerian scam letters, and other types of jiggery-pokery, including nutritional scams like the Acai berry, Forskolin, Green Coffee Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, and others – most of which are relentlessly flogged by affiliate marketers including the infamous Dr. […]

Probioslim: The latest affiliate marketing scam.

It starts with spam. That’s the first indication that whatever product or service being hawked is ineffective, undesirable, dangerous, or unethical. Honest companies just don’t spam. From: “ProbioSlim” <oobclfchirgiim@lapostacompliancy.xyz> To: redacted Subject: No more pho | ny d | i••et plans Notice the subject line with the crap in it. Anything that pulls tricks like this is […]

The Next “Miracle Weight Loss Herb” – Caralluma Fimbriata

According to Wikipedia, caralluma ascendens, another name for caralluma fimbriata, is an edible form of cactus used throughout the Indian subcontinent as an appetite suppressant, or so-called “famine food.” Leave it to the snake-oil hawkers to turn this into the next big thing they can make a few bucks on. Got an email today from a “friend,” […]

Supplements: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I’ve written here multiple times about medical snake oil. Green coffee extract (debunked), garcinia cambogia, forskolin, caralluma, you name it: It’s all smoke and mirrors… but that doesn’t stop Dr. Oz and others from making a fortune promoting it. What’s next, portland cement? On that note, have a look at the two following screen captures. […]

Forskolin – It sounds vaguely indecent.

Just got this in my spam box today. It appears that Dr. Oz has now moved from hawking garcinia cambogia to this new garbage, Forskolin. The name sounds thoroughly unsavory for reasons I won’t go into here. I found a great post over at Science Based Medicine that says many of the things I’d normally […]