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6 responses to “Comments policy

  1. I found the “Hidden Synagogue” to be wonderful, but in addition to what you showed to be hidden in this magnificent piece are some more “hidden” jewels such as faith, hope, beauty, appreciation to be alive and be able to worship. Also hidden is perseverence, imagination, remembrance, and so many more non-tangible treasures within it. It really doesn’t matter if this is an ancient piece or a contemporary one. Many contemporary pieces were created from items in our past. If this one was created sometime during WWI and WWII perhaps it was meant for a traveler or because “home” is really where you are at the time, showing that wherever that may be, you can still partake in the holidays and “keep the faith”. Thanks so much for sharing. PL

  2. The 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Giveaway has now evolved to: “see which one of the gifts you won”. You call and they say it was true at time of mailing, but not true now due to someone having been given the wrong prize information. I’m going to report them for false advertising.

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