Another mail-forwarding scam

This scam is very well-crafted. It looks legitimate. It’s not. Mail re-shipping, as I indicated in my previous post, is a crime.

Dear Old Wolf,

According to your recent email inquiry, you are interested in more details concerning the vacancy of Mail Clerk.  You can find further information about the position in this email. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email them or you can call us (904) 239-3968.

Global Logistics Plus Inc is an online mail service with a physical location in Florida. We offer our clients a US postal address where they can receive parcels and correspondence. Foreign business people selling and buying goods in the USA find this service to be invaluable, since a lot of US retailers do not ship internationally. Global Logistics Plus is also very popular with Americans who need to receive their mail on the move. Our customers can easily manage their mail online, consolidate packages in bulk and forward it anywhere in the world with considerable discounts.

We strive to improve our management of personnel and warehousing with innovative approaches that help to keep our company ahead of competitors  by maintaining low costs. For example, our remote employment approach allow us to massively increase the number of addresses we offer, as well as drastically reduce costs involved with storage. You have a chance to become one of our remote employees. Our business processes are entirely automated, no elaborate training is necessary and there are no start-up costs. You can work from any location in the United States. We encourage you to submit your application and resume, so that we can consider your candidacy more thoroughly.


•       Monitor the list of incoming shipments, receive paperwork and instructions from your online account
•       Accept parcels and letters delivered by the major carriers to your home address
•       Process them according the instructions
•       Deliver the items to your local post office and ship them to our clients using prepaid shipping labels provided by our company
•       Inspect all packages, photograph the contents and upload the photographs
•       Submit reports via email and your online account

This is a relatively independent position that relies on the individual’s ability to take their responsibilities seriously. This job requires constant presence at home and strong commitment and discipline. However, the work is financially rewarding. A full-time employee of Global Logistics Plus receives a monthly salary of $2,000 plus $500 bonus for processing more than 50 orders per month. It requires you to be available at your home address during business hours (9am-5pm) from Monday to Friday, and occasionally in the evenings or on the weekends. You must have a computer, a digital camera or a cell phone with built-in camera, a printer, a stable internet connection and reliable transportation.

We place a very high priority on the security of our employees. One of our most important policies is to investigate all potential customers in order to verify that their business is genuine.  This allows us to avoid the potential for criminal activity. We require all of our clients to provide two forms of ID as well as Form 1583 that has been certified by a notary. They must also complete an interview and verification process. The primary items for shipment include electronics, clothing, auto parts and sporting goods. (In other words, easily-stolen and easily re-sold items)

To apply, please complete and send us back the application, which is attached to this email. Please also review and to get acquainted with the draft employment contract. In the application form you will find the link to our company’s website.

Ann Harper,
HR assistant,
Recruitment department,
Global Logistics Plus, Inc.
212 Industrial Loop South, Ste 139
Orange Park, FL 32073-2964

Attached were an employment application and “contract.” They both look entirely legitimate, and unfortunately they are likely to fool many people.
8 pages of this, all looking very legitimate. Very legal.
Long, detailed, multi-page employment app. It looks very real. You will be giving up all sorts of information about yourself to people you know nothing about.
Be careful out there. Lowlifes are becoming more and more creative in order to steal your money and your identity.
The Old Wolf has spoken.