Keeping Welsh (and Bees) Alive.

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That would be fine, if they didn’t use that accursed “complete a survey to read this full article” ploy. Or make you register (i.e. give them your information) to read “3 free articles per month.” Both of these are scummy tactics which serve no purpose other than to drive people away from a website; to Pluto with that. So, FT, get rid of the surveys and the paywall and I’ll be happy to link people directly to your site. Until then, hard lines.

Wil Griffiths set up an organisation that aims to save the bees and his native tongue

Welsh beekeeper Wil Griffith

©Gareth Phillips

Wil Griffith: ‘When we started, other beekeepers thought we were racist’

Welsh has always lent itself to prose and poetry, to music and singing. But it has never been associated with scientific matters, and beekeeping is a science. If the language is to survive, it needs to expand into all aspects of everyday life.

I run the only Welsh-language beekeeping association in Wales. I set up Cymdeithas Gwenynwyr Cymraeg Ceredigion (the Ceredigion Welsh Beekeeping Association) at the end of the 1960s with two aims: survival of the bee and survival of the language.

Our Welsh beekeeping terms are not a pure translation of English terms because word-for-word translation is meaningless. For example, in a beehive, honey is stored in the very top of the hive, in the top box. The term in English is “super” — as in “superintendent”. It means “above”. But “above” would not be used that way in Welsh. The more usual Welsh word is “lloft” — meaning “upstairs”. So, in determining new terminology, we use everyday words that make sense to a Welsh ear. I wrote a book, Dyn Y Mel (The Honeyman) in which our Welsh terms are listed. In English, the term is “beekeeper” but, again, in Welsh, “dyn y mel” is more common.

I’m well over 80 now but I started beekeeping 60 years ago. At about that time modern hives were introduced. Before then, beekeepers had used closed straw skeps — but suddenly, for the first time, they were able to see what was taking place within the hive.

Modern terms were coined to reflect these changes, which flustered the older beekeepers. Very experienced beekeepers, who were first-language Welsh, were at a loss. The terminology involved was beyond them, particularly if it was in English.

Today our association has about 30 members and we even put on an annual show in a pub for our honey and mead. Finding enough bilingual judges is always a problem. As they are tasting, the judges must comment out loud in Welsh.

Beekeeping can be hazardous. A friend went to shift a hive late one evening and didn’t bother with protective clothing; a bee crawled into his ear. We tried to get it out but couldn’t. The only way was to drown it, and the only liquid we had to hand was a bottle of brown ale. So that was poured in and the bee floated out. But there’s no special term — in Welsh or English — for these beekeeping mishaps.

Our members do not have to speak Welsh — but we are true to our founding principles. At meetings, English speakers sit next to someone bilingual — most of us are — who will quietly translate for them. After a season or so, they have a good smattering of the language.

When we started other beekeepers thought we were racist. But what is wrong with studying in our native tongue? People would not be surprised if beekeeping associations in France or Germany discussed beekeeping in French or German. Why be surprised about Welsh?

The best way to keep a language alive is to place it at the centre of everyday life. In my county, Ceredigion, Welsh is a minority language. There has been a big fall in the number of native speakers in the past 30 years, and people are realising that we are in danger of losing one of the oldest languages in Europe.

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Don’t Click That Ad


As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, clickbait ads are everywhere. They are the spam of the World Wide Web, unwanted intrusions into your browsing experience, and like spam, the vast majority of these ads are deceptive and lead to spurious or borderline criminal offers.

What’s that “New Rule?”

If  you click that ad, you are taken to, which looks like a respectable financial advice website:


And what’s that “one rule?”

“Don’t even think about getting insurance without first comparing discounted quotes from an unbiased source.”

The “unbiased source” they want you to visit is the Easy Auto Quotes™ official site, which deceptively redirects you to


which turns out to be a scummy outfit which, like LowerMyBills will gather your information including sensitive personal data and sell it to anyone who waves money in their faces. You won’t get a quote from them, but you will be inundated by calls and emails not only from competing auto insurance agencies, and countless other disreputable marketers hawking everything under the sun. The only way you’ll be able to stem the tide is move, cancel your credit cards, change your email address, get a new phone number, and walk widdershins around a rotting stump at midnight while looking at the new moon over your left shoulder.

Have a look at the disclaimer at the very bottom of their page, which most people will never see, and which is hard to read even if you get there:


Here it is in plain text:

Disclaimer and Consumer Information.

*We are dedicated to bringing readers valuable information which can help them accomplish their financial and lifestyle goals. Our disclaimer is that this site does receive compensation for product reviews and referrals or purchases made through our links. This page is an advertisement/advertorial. The story depicted here is for demonstration purposes only and everyone’s results may vary. We hope you find our online resource informative and helpful.

This site is in no way affiliated with any news source.

Important information regarding the truthfulness of this article (For our site visitors and the FTC): There have been issues in the online marketing industry with fake advertorials to pitch certain products within the affiliate marketing industry. This site and the owners of this site have never participated in these false advertising practices. Here are a few clarifications points regarding this article: First, as stated at the top of this site, [NOTE: No, it only says “Advertisement’] this is an Advertisment/Advertorial. This site receives compensation for purchases made through our links.

*Clarification of the advertising headline “New Policy in your State”: Some of our website visitors may have visited our site after seeing an ad regarding “New Policy in your State.” This ad then clarifies that certain individuals may receive discounts of up to 50% off car insurance. The newest United States information and insurance tips for lowering your car insurance cost can be found at (recently updated October of 2011). The United States federal governments and state governments are constantly looking out for consumers and have published new information on helping consumers lower their car insurance bills. Here’s a specific link regarding the newest advice, tips in order to receive lower car insurance rates: In addition to this information, each state and their respective state insurance commissions may have additional recent policy changes which may affect the insurance rates in your area. The specific new discount car insurance policies in your state which are currently helping individuals save up to 50% on car insurance is information that can be found through the insurance comparison site Provide InsuranceTM mentioned in this article. Upon visiting this site you will see the claim that individuals can save up to 50% in their respective states. This is information that we have found to be true. From the article mentioned from, we see that the federal government has also given the advice and made the claims that “To get the best coverage at the best price, get several quotes from insurance companies. It may save you hundreds of dollars a year… You may be eligible for a discount based on the number of miles you drive; your age (turning 25 or 50); your good grades if you are a student, your driving record (no moving vehicle violations or accidents in three years); or if you’ve taken a safe-driving course. You might also be able to get discounts if you insure more than one vehicle, insure your vehicle and your home with the same company, have anti-theft devices or have safety features such as air bags or anti-lock brake system.”

*Clarification of the advertising headline “New Rule in (Your State)”. – Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “rule” as “a piece of advice about the best way to do something” ( This article aims to advise the public that comparing rates is one of the best ways that you can save money on car insurance. No matter what city, state or zip code you live in you can compare rates and get free quotes. If you truly want to find the best rate and save on car insurance then follow our advice or “rule” to compare rates. Here are links to two surveys which demonstrate the importance of comparing rates and how applying this “rule” in any state, city or zip code may help drivers save 32%. A new survey found that the #1 reason people switch is because they found a cheaper rate. Click Here for Survey. A second survey which analyzed car insurance quotes for 1,000 zip codes across the U.S. found that within a given zip code, rates vary by 154% on average, allowing drivers to find an average of 32% in savings. Click Here For Survey.

This site is committed to protecting the privacy of our online visitors. If you join our mailing list, your information will not be shared with others. Anyone who wishes can choose to be removed from our mailing list at any time.

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Note that this disclaimer consists largely of weasel words which attempt to justify the deceptive nature of the advertisement; the worst example of this kind of humbuggery I have already shared over at the “Hall of Shame.”

It gets worse. When you visit Provide-Savings, they begin a process which will gather all sorts of PII (Personally-identifying information) which they claim they need to provide you with your requested quote. Take a gander at a selected portion of their “privacy policy.”

In order to provide you with insurance quotes, we collect your personal contact information including name, telephone number, mailing address, email address, gender, birthday and marital status. For home insurance quotes, we also collect details about your home and personal property. For auto insurance quotes, we collect information about your vehicles and drivers and may also collect information about your credit and your existing insurance coverage.

By submitting your e-mail address and/or phone number (as the case may be) via this Site, you authorize us to use that e-mail address and phone number to contact you periodically, via e-mail and manually-dialed and/or auto-dialed telephone calls, concerning (i) your quote requests, (ii) any administrative issue regarding the Site or our services and/or (iii) information or offers that we feel may be of interest to you. We may also send e-mails to you periodically regarding updated quotes. You may opt out of receiving e-mails from us at any time by unsubscribing as set forth in the applicable e-mail.

Additionally, by filling out information on this Site as part of your request for information about insurance policies and quotations, you authorize us to provide that information to various insurance companies, insurance agents and other related third parties that participate in our insurance quote network (collectively “Insurance Providers”). The Insurance Providers may provide your personal information to their insurance carriers, suppliers and other related vendors in order to generate price quotations and information relevant to insurance policies that you have requested

We may share your information with third parties with whom we have promotional or advertising relationships (provided that we are not otherwise restricted from this sharing of information). If you do not want us to share your personal information with these companies, contact us at
We may provide your PII to, or permit access to it by, our subsidiaries, affiliated companies, vendors and/or service providers, such as our ISP or infrastructure hosting companies, for the purpose of processing such information and/or contacting you on our behalf, or where such access is incidental to their providing assistance to us. In such cases, we expect these parties to process such information based on our instructions and in compliance with this privacy policy.

At some point, we may establish subsidiaries or other related companies, or merge with or be acquired by another company. Should that happen, then we may disclose your information to them, in which case we will request that they abide by this Policy. We may also disclose some information to a potential acquirer, although such disclosure would be subject to normal and customary requirements.
We reserve the right to disclose your PII as required by law or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a court order, legal process or judicial proceeding served on us.
We may work with third party data providers to obtain additional information about you, other drivers on your policy or in your household, and information about your car. By using these data providers, we are able to prefill your questionnaire and save you time. You will still be able to review and edit this information before you submit it.

The TL;DR¹ here is that they have essentially reserved the right to sell your personal information with anyone under the sun.

Ultimately, to be perfectly honest , the advert on the original referring page should look like this:


It goes without saying that you should not even be seeing ads like this. The easiest way to cut down on such things is to install a simple extension, Ad-Block Plus, which quietly and unobtrusively blocks ads like this from ever appearing on your page. It works with Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Opera, and many other browsers.

Be careful out there, and don’t give your information to scumbags.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

¹ Too long; didn’t read


1898: A Free Pound of Coffee with Every Pair of Shoes


This interesting receipt showed up in some Georgia probate files. Prices back then were insane, compared to today’s – but one must also factor in wages and overall cost of living.

According to various inflation calculators, a dollar in 1898 was worth $27.08 in 2013, making a pair of shoes for ten bits the equivalent of $33.85. And that pound of coffee? 18¢, or about $4.87 in 2013 dollars.

Not a bad Dreingabe¹; today’s coffee runs about $12 to $15 per pound, unless you want kopi luwak, which you can score for $350.00 online if you happen to like coffee beans that have been shat out by a civet.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

¹ German: bonus or give-away

Time Magazine Covers: America vs. the World

I found this interesting, but didn’t want to spread a content aggregator¹ article all over the internet – it’s infected enough. Hey, they scrape content all the time, so I figured turnabout is fair play.

Just have a look at this collection of Time magazine covers from around the world between 2007 and 2013. Consider what Americans think is important, or what will encourage them to plunk down their cash.

enhanced-buzz-wide-23236-1382035163-18 enhanced-buzz-wide-23314-1382036290-13 enhanced-buzz-wide-32597-1382035245-12 enhanced-buzz-wide-23241-1382035664-30 enhanced-buzz-wide-23276-1382036378-28 enhanced-buzz-wide-32699-1382035936-65 enhanced-buzz-wide-32601-1382034766-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-32641-1382034940-21[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-32639-1382036420-38[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-32602-1382034833-12[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-32596-1382034872-8[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-23294-1382034732-25[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-23293-1382036180-34[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-23292-1382035124-9[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-23276-1382035627-9[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-23265-1382036142-21[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-23231-1382036328-22[1] enhanced-buzz-wide-23225-1382036007-23[1]


Not really much more to say.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

¹Scraped from Buzzfeed, if you happen to care.

Getting it All Together (Vocabulary Suicide)

Getting It All Together

 Everyone knows that a shirt has sleeves, pocket, tail, cuffs and collar. Fewer people recognize that an airplane has a fin, rudder, trim tab, and aileron. In each group of items below, choose from among the ones on the right and match them with their components. (In most cases, the things listed on the left represent only part of the components which make up the corresponding item.) Answers and rating after the quiz.

Here’s a freebie:


_____ 1. Penumbra, umbra
_____ 2. Hammer, anvil, stirrup
_____ 3. Choroid, sclera, conjunctiva
_____ 4. Pedicel, calyx, stigma
_____ 5. Terret, martingale, Crupper
_____ 6. Vena cava, myocardium
_____ 7. Coronet, pastern, fetlock
_____ 8. Visceral & parietal pleura, upper lobe
_____ 9. Spanker, fore-royal, main royal
_____ 10. Patella, humerus, tibia
_____ 11. Sphenoid, occipital, zygomatic
_____ 12. Scroll, neck, waist, tailpiece
_____ 13. Ileum, jejunum, duodenum
_____ 14. Spiracles, tympanum, cereus
_____ 15. Casemate, bailey, barbican
_____ 16. Newel skirt, comb, balustrade
_____ 17. Voussoir, spandrel, impost, skewback
_____ 18. Pedipalpi, pedicel, scopula
_____ 19. Flews, dewlap, withers
_____ 20. Jump line, weather ear, dingbat
_____ 21. Crossknot, wings
_____ 22. Welt, vamp, tongue
_____ 23. Stretcher, gore, ferrule, bullet
_____ 24. Staves, chime, hoop
_____ 25. Pommel, bell, button
_____ 26. Longeon, spar, bridle leg
_____ 27. Cantle, swell, gullet
_____ 28. La Hire, Judith, Charlemagne
_____ 29. Chanter, bass drone, mounts
_____ 30. Lams, heddles, whip roll
_____ 31. Gnomon, diagram, plate
_____ 32. Capillary tube, constriction, lens
_____ 33. Shackle, case, plug
_____ 34. Pintle, knuckles, leaf
_____ 35. Beaver, gorget, tace, tasset
_____ 36. Jacket, crimp, rim, primer
_____ 37. Dalmatic, chasuble, alb
_____ 38. Bridge, fishtail, drop, overlay
_____ 39. Straws, gour darn, flowstone
_____ 40. Scend, spindrift, curl
  1. Arch
  2. Bagpipe
  3. Barrel/cask
  4. Bow tie
  5. Cardinal’s vestments
  6. Cartridge (bullet)
  7. Casket/coffin
  8. Castle
  9. Dog
  10. Door hinge
  11. Escalator
  12. Flower
  13. Foil (fencing)
  14. Hand loom
  15. Harness (horse)
  16. Horse’s leg
  17. Human ear
  18. Human eye
  19. Human heart
  20. Human lungs
  21. Human skeleton
  22. Human skull
  23. Insect
  24. Intestines
  25. Kite
  26. Limestone cavern
  27. Man’s shoe
  28. Newspaper
  29. Ocean wave
  30. Padlock
  31. Playing cards
  32. Saddle
  33. Sailing ship
  34. Solar eclipse
  35. Spider
  36. Suit of armor
  37. Sundial
  38. Thermometer
  39. Umbrella
  40. Violin


l = ah       6 = s     11 = v    16 = k       21 = d      26 = y     31 = ak     36 = f

2 = q        7 = p     12 = an  17 = a      22 = aa    27 = af     32 = al      37 = e

3 = r         8 = t      13 = x    18 = ai     23 = am    28 = ae   33 = ad     38 = g

4 = l         9 = ag    14 = w   19 = i       24 = c       29 = b     34 = j        39 = z

5 = o        10 = u    15 = h    20 = ab   25 = m      30 = n     35 = aj      40 = ac

Your Rating:

35-40 correct:              You’ve got it all together. You have a high vocabulary, are well educated, a neat dresser, and like your caviar imported.

26-34 correct:              Not bad. You are well read and move in active social circles. You pay attention to detail and remember things you hear.

19-25 correct:              You are certainly above average intelligence and possess notable common sense. Your friends come to you for advice. You are as handy with facts as a handyman is with a hammer.

13-18 Correct:             You played around in schoo1, but still came out well because of natural ability. You love to read the back of cereal boxes. You are good at remembering most facts, but sometimes miss an important one (which ends up costing you). You’re admired and liked by those who are less with it than you are.

8-11 correct:                You know what it takes to get around socially, and enjoy talking. What other people think you know is important to you. You once finished reading a book in the same month you started it. You have a hard time remembering things you’ve seen or heard unless they are in color and you are eating popcorn. In the long run, you will probably outshine those who seem to have the edge.

4-7 correct:                  You sometimes bore your friends by telling them facts you don’t possess. You may have been sued for advice malpractice. You have a keen sense of humor, but your jokes are mostly borrowed. You like comic books, bubblegum wrapper ads, and recipes. A half hour of reading cage signs at the zoo tires you mentally.

1-3 correct:                  You sneaked across the boarder and have just arrived in this country. You do not speak English, except to make your basic needs known. Your goal is to be a brain surgeon or a millionaire, whichever comes first. You will soon learn to spell your name correctly.

0 correct:                     Sorry. Vegetables were not supposed to be allowed to take this test.

Every day is April Fool’s in nutrition.

“People who are desperate for reliable information face a bewildering array of diet guidance—salt is bad, salt is good, protein is good, protein is bad, fat is bad, fat is good—that changes like the weather. But science will figure it out, right? Now that we’re calling obesity an epidemic, funding will flow to the best scientists and all of this noise will die down, leaving us with clear answers to the causes and treatments.

Or maybe not.”

From a recent article at io9 by John Bohannon:

I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here’s How.


With a poorly-crafted study that used a small sample and ignored how big the measured results actually were, a team of journalists managed to punk the nutrition-news circuit into publishing their study.

“A team of German researchers had found that people on a low-carb diet lost weight 10 percent faster if they ate a chocolate bar every day. It made the front page of Bild, Europe’s largest daily newspaper, just beneath their update about the Germanwings crash. From there, it ricocheted around the internet and beyond, making news in more than 20 countries and half a dozen languages. It was discussed on television news shows. It appeared in glossy print, most recently in the June issue of Shape magazine.”

But it was all a crock of dung. And sadly, I can guarantee that many people will continue to believe the lie, simply because it appeared in journals as “prestigious” as Prevention, regardless of this exposé or any further evidence to the contrary. Like the entire anti-Vax movement, nothing can kill a good excuse for mouth-foaming outrage, not even repeatedly-confirmed facts.

Read the article. It’s worth your time, if you’re interested in having accurate information on which to base your decisions.

A big part of the problem with modern “scientific” studies is the concept of “p-value.” It’s more complex than most people care about, but William Rozeboom wrote, “The use of P values and null hypothesis testing is ‘surely the most bone-headedly misguided procedure ever institutionalized in the rote training of science students.’ “

P value calculations tell you only the probability of seeing a result at least as big as what you saw if there is no real effect. (In other words, the P value calculation assumes the null hypothesis is true.) A small P value — low probability of the data you measured — might mean the null hypothesis is wrong, or it might mean that you just saw some unusual data. You don’t know which. And if there is a real effect, your calculation of a P value is rendered meaningless, because that calculation assumed that there wasn’t a real effect.

(ScienceNews – “P value ban: small step for a journal, giant leap for science”)


And if Randall Munroe pillories something, you have a pretty good idea that there are legitimate questions about its validity.


The takeaway: don’t be excited just because one study says something, and I’ve written about this elsewhere. Look at the study, determine the size of the sample used, and see if you can ferret out how big the measured differences were. There’s a lot more digging you could do, but this is a good place to start.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

Some thoughts on weight loss from a redditor

Every now and then I stumble across something on reddit that I think deserves a wider audience; there are a lot of folks out there who don’t have any idea what reddit is, or what to do with it.

In the CMV (Change My View) subreddit, people post viewpoints and ask others to convince them that they’re right or not. A recent position: “Any fat person can lose weight by simply adjusting their diet and exercise.”

I’ve posted about releasing weight before, usually in the context of the scammy nostrums people sell to take advantage of those who want to give up pounds but can’t seem to. Redditor /u/eavc posted the following response, which is cogent and relevant. I share it here for your consideration.

It is true that any person will lose weight if diet and exercise are properly adjusted. The important part of your question is whether any person can actually make the adjustments to diet and exercise to produce (and sustain) weight loss.

People are not robots. We are subject to forces of emotion, motivation, willpower, bias, and so on.

That which seems objectively simple to accomplish in isolation can be exceedingly difficult in practice. I believe that everyone can directly observe this to be true with a moment’s reflection on their own shortcomings and struggles.

  • “I’m not going to procrastinate anymore.”
  • “I won’t yell at him anymore.”
  • “I’m going to go running every day.”
  • “I’ll never again drink until I throw up.”
  • “I’m going to stop spending so much money.”
  • “I won’t let sports make me this angry again.”
  • “It’s irrational for me to be so jealous.”
  • “Why should I care if I’m not invited to some party?”

Pain, sadness, boredom, loneliness, routine, socially embedded temptation, fatigue, stress, cognitive biases, competing demands, family crisis, fear, money issues, disease, social learning, etc. — all of these are capable of derailing sincere efforts at personal change.

If there anything in your life you have decided to change and yet have not been able to change, then this argument should ring true.

A person has become fat because they are not good at regulating diet and exercise for whatever reason (biological, psychological, social-cultural, environmental/circumstantial, etc.). Almost by definition, these are people who struggle to adjust diet and exercise. It is therefore like saying “Any depressed person can be happier by simply adjusting their thoughts and feelings” or “Any anxious person … by caring less about the future” or “Sex addict … by choosing not to engage in sexual acts” or “debtor … by earning more and spending less” or “smoker .. by not smoking.” These are true but useless statements, because the person in question practically lacks the abilities required given their current set of circumstances. Advice for all of these kinds of problems centers on how to change psychology or circumstances rather than on the simple idea of the end goal (eat less, smoke less, yell less).

That is why there are books and communities and medicines and science and billions of dollars centered on these kinds of personal change efforts. What’s required is a change in the environment/circumstances or in the psychology – and that’s not easy to do at all.

Let me flip this around. Can you imagine a scenario where a person cannot successfully accomplish the needed adjustment to diet and exercise?

Go over to a place like /r/progresspics[1] and read comments on how people were able to accomplish their transformation. Generally, you’ll hear about some fairly specific set of factors that helped them start and then persist in their journey. New ideas, supportive friends, emotional growth, frightening experiences, a definite system, a change in life situation, regular efforts to stay motivated, and so on.

Now while reading something like that, start mentally deleting the factors that they are crediting. “I couldn’t have done it without the help of my wife” – take away the wife. “I found boxing and that was what clicked after years of nothing clicking” – boxing was never a sport. “I finally decided to prioritize my self and take care of myself” – they were struggling to make it day to day due to environmental stressors (small kids, money problems, work stress, emotionally abusive person in life) and couldn’t focus on personal growth. “The doctor said I would die before I was 50” – the complications of overweight not being as present for them and the doc never delivering that warning.

Then, there’s the reality that most of us are flawed or face challenge in many ways at once. It’s not just being overweight – it’s being overweight and poor. It’s not just being fat – it’s being fat and depressed. Fat and short-tempered. Fat and failing some classes. Fat and an emotionally absent father. Fat and financially irresponsible. Overweight and socially anxious. And generally the list is much longer than just two problems. Many people who want to be better people are pouring a lot of energy into working on something other than being overweight, and it leaves little for the other problem. Conversely, many who successfully lose a lot of weight do so by streamlining and focusing their attention on that specific problem at the expense of other things they could have focused on instead.

All this to say, personal change requires work, and some forms of personal change require so much work as to be practically impossible given the resources and energy available to accomplish that work. That’s why successful weight loss often requires much much more than just the idea of eating less and exercising more. And until the person finds that other thing that is required for their situational factors to shift enough to change the behavior, they are unlikely to be successful in adjusting diet and exercise over the long run.

EDIT: I want to add something to speak to the other side of the coin because some comments have rightly pointed out that this may come across as fatalistic. I’m a big proponent of personal responsibility and personal growth.

If you have something in your life causing problems or holding you back, I would encourage you to look for solutions and – if it’s important enough of a thing – to not give up. I have worked with a lot of people with mental health issues, for example, who say, “I can’t” to things that they absolutely are capable of doing and do go on to do. An attitude of pessimism is often a self-fulfilling prophecy and certainly limits the chances we have to get lucky with the solution to the puzzle or simply to break through due to persistence. The synthesis of my views would be this: we are shaped by many forces but are also capable of ingenuity, resiliency, and change. If you attempt something critically important and fail, either try again, try a new approach, or try something else.

Change is not as simple as ‘eat less’ because behavior is largely the product of a network of causal factors. And for the exact same reason, change is also rarely impossible – there are many factors that can be tweaked up and down the causal chain, though it can take A LOT of effort and probably resources and external support as well. The right small shift can alter the overall set of circumstances and tip the outcome in another direction. And sometimes, it’s something as simple as time or trying again.

Never “Verify Your Email.”

No email service will send you a message asking you to provide your address and password, or other financial data. They just won’t.


This email is bogus. Note the red circle next to the “click to validate” link – that’s a warning from WOT (Web of Trust) that indicates the website is not to be trusted.

If you’re foolish enough to click the link, which goes to (NOT a Yahoo website), you’ll get this:


If you fill out this information, scammers now have access to your email account, and they will use it to steal information or send out criminal spam.

Never do this. Be careful out there.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

PayPal Scam: Your account has been limited.

I’ve mentioned phishing scams before, in a number of places. This email arrived yesterday,


Note the red flags on this one:

  1. A sender’s address that is not “”
  2. Poor formatting
  3. Incomplete text

The attachment they mention gives you this:


If you are foolish enough to provide this information, it will be sent not to PayPal but to

NetRange –
NetName FUC-US-2001
NetHandle NET-162-213-152-0-1
Parent NET162 (NET-162-0-0-0-0)
NetType Direct Allocation
OriginAS AS26272
Organization FortaTrust USA Corporation (FUC-9)
RegDate 2013-06-10
Updated 2013-12-17
OrgName FortaTrust USA Corporation
OrgId FUC-9
Address 3701 NW 82 Ave.
City Doral
StateProv FL
PostalCode 33166
Country US
RegDate 2012-03-08
Updated 2014-07-02
OrgAbuseHandle IPADM602-ARIN
OrgAbuseName IP Admin
OrgAbusePhone +1-305-898-0033
OrgNOCName IP Admin
OrgNOCPhone +1-305-898-0033
OrgTechHandle IPADM602-ARIN
OrgTechName IP Admin
OrgTechPhone +1-305-898-0033

This information does not mean that FortaTrust itself is necessarily behind the phishing attempt, but someone could be using their servers in spurious ways.

Whatever the case, be careful out there. PayPal and other legitimate financial institutions will never ask you for sensitive financial data by email.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

A New Horoscope: I’m not as random as you think I salad…

I found these “New Horoscopes” over at the Facebook page of Notixx; I’m not sure who the original artist/creator is, but it deserves a share, especially with the sick descriptions by Darcie Bell. Enjoy.

this bat

This Bat – You terrify most people. You have a preference for eating your big meals at night and have a hard time flying solo. People with this sign are prone to insomnia, have an ear for music, but could lack vision. You tend to annoy others with your need to be different and special, but it gets a little pretentious when you insist on sleeping upside down like some hippie vampire. Also, your undoing might be a broom.


An Ironic Mustache – Even though you think you may be cool and modern; you are a traditionalist who is stuck in the past. You may stubbornly cling to things that no longer serve you, but you may also be hiding a scar or hideous deformity for fear of ridicule. Some people find you sexy, but food can make your life a mess. You forget that your dad grew his mustache ironically, too, so you’re not that original.


Balls– It really isn’t your fault. You were pretty much born bipolar. One of you may be softer, more sensitive and the other might be a little hairier. Although you have been mythically associated with strength and independence, you are actually quite vulnerable and sad. People either want to gently cup you or pray for your destruction. Either way, you will probably spend your life sweaty, next to an asshole, living only to serve some dick.


Half A Taco – There you go, giving half of yourself away again, but no one mistakes your attempts at martyrdom for generosity anymore, kid. Now who’s gonna want you? You might have a hard shell, but you crack under pressure. People crave you when they are drunk and stoned, but find someone with a big appetite for your layered, spicy goodness, or you’ll just end up soggy and alone in the trash.


A Cat But Upside Down – Yeah, yeah, we see it, now can you stop putting that thing in our face you big show-off? You really will do anything for attention, kitty cat, but hey, why fix it if it ain’t broke? You might put people off with your aggressive demeanor, but you get the job done with your self-promotion and your ability to work hard, with a lot of flair. Although, no one is gonna call you classy, anytime soon.


Ricky Gervais – People often leave your company scratching their heads unsure if they’ve just witnessed genius or crap. You are critical to a fault, and although you are as loyal as they come, you often make your friends the butt of the joke. You have a hard time keeping your mouth shut. If you weren’t so irreverent and funny, you’d probably be the world’s most brutal English teacher. Pedantic on the verge of insanity, nothing and no one escapes your “witty” observations, eagle eye.


Murder – Everyone knows that you are sexy. People either dream about doing you or being done in by you, either way, you’re on everybody’s mind. You are complex and sometimes extremely passionate. You can be thoughtful and exacting and in many situations, justice is your sole motivating factor. You are often misunderstood, but you are poetic and bold. You inspire others to act on impulse or to only imagine. That said, you are one cold-blooded son of a bitch.


A Novelty Bass – People may write you off as a one-dimensional, but if they were to open you up, they would be surprised to see how much you really have going on in there. Most times you are silent, lurking in a dark room, but when you sense the presence of another, you spring into action. You may feel like a fish out of water, but you tend to be the center of attention. Also,you are surprisingly aggressive for someone who is mounted on a wall, but you are powered by external forces, making you the textbook co-dependent.


Shrimp Cocktail – A little bit sophisticated, a dash retro and over-the-top, you definitely know how to make an entrance. You’re all about the presentation and you always offer a little bit of adventure to those around you. You aren’t gonna fill anyone up, but who wants to be a boring old entrée when you can be the appetizer? Beware however, you may be the life of the party now, but you could also end up being served in bulk to fat tourists on cruise ships.


Bag – You are nothing if not practical. People trust you and they know they can depend on you to hold on to the things that matter to them. You work hard for yourself and for others, but sometimes the stress of your responsibility can become too great and you’ll tear yourself apart. You may not be the sexiest object in the world, but fuck it, you’ve got a job to do and you’re usefulness will be appreciated for generations to come. Or you’ll get crumpled and tossed out. Either way.


A White Guy With Cornrows – You are a walking contradiction. You make people laugh and there are a lot of things going on with you that just SHOULDN’T be happening at the same time. You don’t care what people think and you never will. You are nothing if not confidant, and you enjoy provoking others into spirited discourse about your chosen lifestyle. You may appear to be a bit strange and off, but you are knotted down tight, with a serious stubborn streak. Don’t try too hard to be something you aren’t, though, freakazoid, because you tend to create a pretty serious level of social awkwardness.


A Hand Turkey – You have a way of connecting people to their past which is both nostalgic and lame. You represent artistic expression at the most basic, primitive level. People project onto you whatever they want to see, but you remain at your core, consistent and unchanging. People keep you around for years, sometimes crudely deface you and mock you, but you still bring joy to people when they stumble upon you stuck in a book somewhere. You are at your best when you’re a little over the top.

Who thinks up stuff like this? I wish I had an imagination this vivid. For what it’s worth, I drew “balls.” Oh well.

The Old Wolf has spoken.