The Academy of Greatness



A safe place to learn is a rare commodity in today’s world. By the time a young man or young woman graduates from high school, he or she has internalized academic knowledge to varying degrees, and also a host of extraneous knowledge and belief systems gathered along the way from family members, teachers, administrators and fellow students. Combined with maturation experiences which are at best challenging and at worst cruel and exclusionary (typically written off as part of the “normal process of growing up”), the result is students who are ill-prepared to recognize, let alone activate, the greatness inherent in each of them. Very few, on their own, move forward to become powerful contributors to the world in which they live.

There are many programs which are effective in helping young people recognize and break through old belief systems which hold them back from maximum happiness, effectiveness and contribution. Two challenges, however, stand in the way of helping young people become all that they deserve to be:

  1. The relative weight of years of education and potentially unhealthy family or social situations as opposed to the short duration of the mitigating program.
  2. The difficulty of introducing these programs into established educational systems which are rife with decades – and often centuries – of tradition, as well as entrenched spheres of influence among teachers and administrators.

The solution is to build an educational environment from the ground up which will provide students with both academic excellence and a four-year immersion in the theory and practice of discovering and developing their God-given right to be world champions, a school for powerful young leaders, a school where everyone wins, an academy of greatness. We anticipate a structure allowing for small classes of 8-14 students, and a student-teacher ratio of approximately 10:1 or less. In addition to academic subjects, the school’s program will provide a wide range of experiential education throughout the school year, with daily reinforcement through targeted curriculum and faculty facilitation.

A child who is worried about their physical or emotional safety is a child that cannot pay attention to the critical academic and developmental work at hand. It is our aim to provide an environment of unimpeachable safety and unparalleled excellence where every member of every class wins, and where students learn to be responsible not only for their own success but also for the success of their entire team.

If this is a concept that appeals to you, please consider helping to create it.

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