Red Meat: my favorite strip

Red Meat is an alternative and very dark strip by Max Cannon. It’s just twisted enough to give me a good laugh when I’m feeling down. Apparently, however, his online archives are not complete, and some of his strips are difficult to find. For those looking for “nine-foot-long outhouse ladle,” here you go.

Through a glass darkly

I suspect God’s viewpoint would strike us much in this way, could we experience it.

The Old Wolf (and Max Cannon) have spoken.


“I’m in your dispos-all.”


Some time ago I posted some information about “The Electric Pig,” an article which came out in the early days of the garbage disposer.

I was interested to see an article at The Atlantic entitled “The New Alchemy of Waste,” in which the ecological benefits of disposers was flogged in terms glowing enough to make you feel like a traitor if you didn’t use one. I thought that was significant, until I noticed that the article was sponsored content written by Emerson, the makers of the InSinkErator.

Apparently the debate continues. Many cities have banned disposers altogether – New York, for one, although it rescinded the ban for private residences in 1997. Much of the support, of course, comes from disposer manufacturers, including shilled “science” articles, and it’s not easy to cut through the marketing noise. That said, it’s important to remember that funding source does not automatically invalidate research.

I was able to find a 2008 article over at Slate that seems to discuss the competing factors in a balanced way. Their consensus? Compost if at all possible, but otherwise a disposer seems to put less net ecological strain on the environment than landfilling, with the caveat that you should check first to make sure your community isn’t running out of water.

The Old Wolf has spoken.