Some things my kids have probably never seen.

Ye aulde skate key. I could never get those blasted things to stay on, nohow.

Metal ice cube trays. I learned the hard way as a kid: don’t take the insert out while carrying it. *splosh*

I was about 10 years old when this stuff became popular. I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

When I got my very own camera, I went through these things like there was no tomorrow. They smelled good after they had been used.

I think my kids probably know what this is, but I doubt they have ever used one.

Most of our home movies were taken with something that looked very much like this.

Yes, I had one. Davy was my hero.

I loved filling up the books. There were Blue Chip stamps, Gold Strike Stamps, and Plaid Stamps, too.

They had a mockup of one of these on display at the Civil Defense center in Manhattan.

We’d go down to the center and grab a bunch of these, and then pass them out to people on the street. “Take this card, madam, it may save your life.” 11-year-old civic service…

“At birth Stuart could have been sent by first class mail for three cents, but his parents preferred to keep him rather than send him away.” – Stuart Little, E.B. White

The only real yo-yo ever made. The Duncan Imperial™. My buddy Walt and I got ours at Korvette’s.


The Old Wolf has spoken.

2 responses to “Some things my kids have probably never seen.

  1. What a superb walk down 1950s memory lane!! I also loved Jiffy Pop and putting plaid stamps in their booklets. Sam and I were musing that we remembered the Duncan Imperial! Also skate keys which I could NEVER maneuver, and that Davy Crocket hat.. Sam had one too!! Today I played one of the eight 1960s and 1970s golden oldies compilation CD’s I recently purchased for our party … “I Only Have Eyes for You”, “There Goes My Baby” by the Drifters, “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King… As the older folks used to say about THEIR popular music when we were kids..”They just do not write songs anymore like the songs from OUR generation”!! See ya soon…Oldies but goodies…..


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