In and around Naples, Italy – 1970

Between 1969 and 1971, I had the immense privilege of living in Naples, Italy. These are scans of some photos I took during that time. The quality is not superb, but they give a good flavor of the area during that period. All photos ©1969-2012 Old Wolf Enterprises

Amalfi Coast – Street scene



Naples – Castel Nuovo – Alfonso I Triumph Arch, 12th Century

Naples – Trattoria Da Zio Vincenzo o Piscatore

The Grand Galleria

Naples – Piazza Municipio with Palazzo Reale in the background

Royal Palace – Marine Side

Naples – Children playing football by the Palazzo Reale

Naples – Royal Palace – Entry

Naples – Via Naziario Sauro

Naples – Mergellina

Naples – Street Scene


A rare snow in Pompeii

Pompeii – December 1970

Pompeii Arena – December 1970

Pompeii – December 1970

Pompeii – December 1970

Pompeii – December 1970

Pompeii – December 1970

Pompeii Museum – Body Cast made from the ashfall

Pompeii – December 1970

Naples – USS Grand Canyon, AD-28, part of Service Force 6th Fleet. 1970

Herculaneum – June 1971

Herculaneum – Bed (carbonized from age, not mudflow)

Herculaneum – June 1971 – Family Shrine

Herculaneum – June 1971 – Mosaic

Herculaneum – June 1971 – Frescoes

Herculaneum – June 1971 – House of the Mosaic Atrium

Mosaic Atrium – Closeup

Herculaneum – 1971 – Marble Bath

Herculaneum – June 1971 – Mosaic Floor

Herculaneum – June 1971 – Street showing mud level

Herculaneum – June 1971 – Overview

Herculaneum – June 1971 – Street

Herculaneum – June 1971 – Vesuvius in background

United Seamen’s Service – Naples – 1969
(Via Acton 18, in the Royal Palace basement)


USS Cascade (AD-16), a destroyer tender, with the AF-56 Denebola (stores ship) and the destroyer escorts Lester (DE-1022), Hammerberg (DE-1015), and Courtney (DE-1021).

15 responses to “In and around Naples, Italy – 1970

  1. Great pictures. Feels a little odd to watch photos you took, at a time when I was busy being born and wearing diapers a lot 😉

    It does look like “The Grand Galeria” got lost in transfer. At least here it gives a “404 – File not found”.

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  3. I was looking through all my old stuff I saved from my Navy days along with movies, & old photos from Naples, Souda Bay, my ship, etc. I began to investigate on the Web to see what else I could find. Well, I saw this web site & as I looked through these photos I noticed they were all in or around the time I was there. (1970-71) They match-up with many photos I have now. Thank You, Led Zepp.

      • USS Courtney (DE-1021) What ship were you on ? Along with the Courtney were the USS Lester, USS Van Voorhis, USS Hammerberg. We were doing ITASS operations in the Eastern Mediterranean, etc. & running our ASW surveillance out of Souda Bay, Crete. (1970-1972)

      • Joe, I wasn’t on a ship, unless you count a tour from Naples to Athens in 1971 as a guest of the XO on the Cascade (AD-16.) What a trip that was for a sandcrab. I added a nice pic of the Cascade, the Courtney, and a few others at the end of the article. I’m sure we met at the club, given your time frame.

  4. Old Wolf as you call yourself, me and my Navy buddies would come to the club whenever our funds were running low. You won’t believe this but i still have in my possession a menu from there. Where could you get Free Coffee, 2 eggs, ham, fries, bread/ butter, for 600 Lire or $0.95. Played pool, some slots, & drank many a “Peroni” beer in the dining/ bar area also. Great gift shop too. I purchased many a post card at the gift shop to sent home, & still have them today. Spent a lot of time at the U.S.O. / Blue Bird Club, & the Old England Bar. My question to you is. What was your position at the club ? Its really great to know someone I may have had the acquaintance to meet over 45 years ago. Joe.

    • Joe, my mother, Margaret, was the director; I functioned as a de facto assistant manager while I was there. That’s how I got to go over there and spend a year, and then come back the following year for another spell. I haven’t thought of the Blue Bird Club for decades, but I know a lot of guys would go barhopping to our place, Stella Maris next door if they could get in, the Blue Bird, and other joints in Naples. I, too, salvaged a menu and much other memorabilia from the Club. You can see some more memories of the club here – heck, you might even recognize some of the sailors.

      • Wow ! I want to thank you. I do recall seeing some of those people, especially those in the kitchen & bar. Angelina, Elena, Franco, & Daniele. O’Yeah ! How could I not forget Luisa & her sister Anna. I believe the other girl could have been Maria. (?) I took noticed in those photo’s you sent me a sailor from the U.S.S. Cascade, PO2 Joe Harter. As a EMFN my duties involved being a Engineering Yeoman & Projectionist along with two other great guys on board the Courtney, EMFN Kirkner & EMFN Gowan. I do recall there were many a card games played at the club, along with dances where some of us sailors would take some of the girls from the “Old England” bar for a night out after enjoying a delicious meal at the “Transatlantico Ristorante” / “American Bar”. In my diary I noticed names like Christina, Tonya, & Lucena (Lucy) who enjoyed the U.S.S. & other places in Naples such as “The Tropicana” & “Flamingo Club” also. Let me know if you remember any of these places in 1970-71. I want to thank you again, & if there are any other things you can recall, I would greatly appreciate it. A Friend, Joe.

  5. I lived in Naples, from 68-72.
    Dad was stationed at Agnano. Maybe we’ve seen each other, or you know of my dad. Yn1/Dick Curran

  6. I’d like to contact one of your commenters – Joe Step – if possible. I, too, served on one of the ITASS ships (USS Lester) that was home-ported in Naples from late 1970 through late 1973. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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