New York Eateries: Gone But Not Forgotten

Nedick’s was the Starbucks of the 50’s. Orange drink, doughnuts and hot dogs with a signature mustard relish. They were everywhere, even in little hole-in-the-wall joints down in the subways. I confess I like the fresh-squeezed places better down there, with the machines that would cut and squeeze oranges automatically, but Nedick’s is a treasured memory also.


Nedick’s in Newark

Nedick’s at Macy’s (Found at The Paper Collector)

Then there was Prexy’s. A local concern with just a few outlets in and around New York, they made hamburgers that were to die for. Little is known about the recipe that made them so good, but I remember eating there a number of times. Oh, those prices.

Prexy’s Matchbook

Prexy’s Logo from a China Plate

Last but not least, there was the Horn and Hardart Automat




The Automat, 1942, by J. Baylor Roberts

For a kid in the 50’s, nothing was more fun than getting pie or drinks or that incredible macaroni and cheese at the Automat; you’d get your nickels at the booth from a nickel-thrower, ladies with rubber tips on their fingers who could fling out a dollar’s worth of nickels without blinking. I could stand there for hours watching the lazy susans rotate around when they were empty, only to reappear magically refilled with new offerings.

I scored a copy of this book which gives a fascinating history of the chain, including lots of recipes.

Now I’m hungry.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

8 responses to “New York Eateries: Gone But Not Forgotten

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  8. A few years prior to to their demise, Horn and Hardart came out with TV ads.

    The tagline I will always remember;

    “You can’t eat atmosphere”!!

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