GMO, Larry, and Curly (by Piraro)

Dan Piraro is a funny man, and an intelligent one. He falls squarely on the liberal side of the political spectrum, and while I don’t always agree with his philosophies, I love his daily Bizarro strips. Recently he published this one…

… which points out the dangers inherent in Genetically Modified Organisms, commonly labelled “Frankenfoods.”

I’ve always been nervous about eating things whose genes have been tweaked – for example, corn that produces its own pesticide – because the deleterious effects of such things might not show up for generations. But Mr. Piraro then took a public journey of self-education which I found most enlightening. After he published this cartoon, he received a veritable Niagara Falls (slowly I turn!) of information from his readership, and apparently it was sufficient to get him to do a thorough examination of the issue within the boundaries of the time he could carve out of his life.

His summary of the experience is recorded over at his blog – and it’s well worth the read. The executive summary:

  1. Peer-reviewed science is generally reliable, although there are always some nuts among the berries.
  2. Humans have been genetically modifying foods for a long time (through natural breeding and selection processes) without giving us all third eyes.
  3. Everyone hates Monsanto – but not always for the right reasons.
  4. Do your own research, because the issue is not at all clear-cut.

As a matter of fact, I’d recommend you work backward to the original post of the cartoon, and then read his following posts: Schooled!, More GMO, and his conclusions. And then go read some more.

I appreciate the effort that Mr. Piraro has gone to in presenting his findings to his readership – the links contained in his blog posts are a good place to start a serious study of the issue.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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