Hannover, 1983

Herrenhausen fountains

A Hannover busker

CeBIT Fair: Hannover, 1983

Data General booth at CeBIT

The Data General MV 10000 – only the latest technology.

Herrenhausen Gardens

Outdoor Cafe in Herrenhausen

Herrenhausen Gardens

Hannover – Organ Grinder

Downtown Hannover – 1983

All photos ©1983-2012 Old Wolf Enterprises

Auf euer Wohl!

2 responses to “Hannover, 1983

  1. Hi there,

    I have a little website about the DG MV/Family and would like to link to your MV/10000 picture – believe it or not I can’t find any other on the web at the moment! Would that be OK? Or, I could host it locally and mark it with your copyright if you prefer?


    • Thanks for your interest. Feel free to re-host it locally, just put ©1983-2013 Old Wolf Enterprises as a copyright tag. Do let me know the address of your site, I’d be interested in looking at it. Those were the days… a whole 16MB of memory!

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