Only Ten More Years until Retirement

In 2004, I had the chance to attend Dragon Con in Atlanta. I picked this up and brought it back to my office

It was perfect.

As it turns out, things had become so frustrating that I ended up retiring early, two years later. After I announced my decision, I put this on my file cabinet, and still have it at home:

There are times I miss the regular paycheck instead of the entrepreneurial uncertainty, but only about 10% of me feels that way. The other nine voices in my head never look back.

Edit, 11/10/2021

“Retirement comes on little HR feet. It sits looking over the wreckage of corporate folly, and then moves on, never to look back.” (With apologies to Carl Sandburg.)

For some it comes, summoned and welcome, and those who call greet it as an old friend, and depart the world of corporate bullshit gladly, as equals. For others, it arrives quietly and suddenly carries an unprepared soul across the river Styx to a land of unexpected unemployment, yet those who dwell there come to appreciate a sense of freedom and self-determination that was denied them for decades.

I thank the Universe and whatever gods there may be that I no longer have to deal with power-crazed bastards who wield power over my life by raising their little finger.

There’s always Dilbert, but “workchronicles” is a fresh take on corporate folly.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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