Kevin Kunstadt: The Dolomites

“I took these photographs in August 2010 in the Dolomites — a section of the Alps located in northeastern Italy. The Dolomites are named for a type of carbonate rock that has a distinct pale rosy-orange hue. I have tried to capture the specific grandeur of this range, as well as present a document of the myriad ways in which people interact with and experience it for themselves.”

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3 responses to “Kevin Kunstadt: The Dolomites

  1. The Sassolungo/Saslong from the south, I think, with the città dei sassi on the right which you pass through on the Sellaronda ski tour. Never seen it from that vantage point, though, very striking – you don’t get an idea of how much drop-off there is over the crest from the shallow eastern slope, of course.

    That big alp – I think that’s the Sassopiatto – is covered in avalanche fencing in the winter, which is a bit of a blemish, but better than being buried in a million tons of snow…

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