Sunshine Golden Raisin Biscuits – another blast from the past

So I had another Marcel Proust moment last night.

A group of empty nesters had gathered in the home of a neighbor for our weekly Family Home Evening, and our hosts for the week were a delightful couple from the UK. They spread out a groaning board of goodies, chips, dips, cupcakes, fudge, and other treats… and something that caused a massive flashback for me.

Growing up in New York, my mother used to get these little flat biscuits filled with raisins that we simply called “raisin cookies.” I loved them – they were one of my favorite treats as a child. And then in 1969 I moved away from the city and never again thought upon them.

Until last night.

There they were, in all their glory. These were a currant version, but they were the same, the same, the same.

Our hostess graciously gave us a packet to take home, and I discovered they are called Crawford’s Garibaldi biscuits, and have long been a treat in the UK. I mean, long – with a history spanning 150 years.

After re-discovering these, I wondered why I knew of them, and it turns out that Sunshine produced a version of these which it called “Golden Raisin Biscuits.” When Sunshine was acquired by Keebler in 1996, the expanded “Golden Fruit” line was quietly discontinued, but apparently the later incarnation was nothing like the original.

Edit: Kelloggs acquired the Sunshine brand from Keebler in 2000. Pester them about bringing these back.

I’ve found several recipes that purport to be a fairly close approximation of the packaged version, and I’ll try one at some point – but for now, I’m delighted to know that these can still be had.

Now, if I can just convince Sara Lee to bring back their All Butter Frozen Brownies, (scroll down a bit) and get TGI Friday’s to resurrect Rockslide Pie. It astonishes me that there are no pictures out there – based on the number of other people who remember it fondly, I would have thought someone might have captured an image or a vintage menu.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

35 responses to “Sunshine Golden Raisin Biscuits – another blast from the past

      • They sell them online or in the catalog at the Vermont country store or even on Amazon. I’m gonna get some for my sister, she’s been looking for them.

  1. I was born in the 1960’s and as a child growing up in California loved these Sunshine Golden Raisin Biscuits! I miss them and was just telling a friend born in the 1980’s about them.

  2. I also loved the raisin cookies and have found one at Aldi’s grocery that is almost identical. They are Fit&Active cookies. They come in Wild Berry & Raisin Apple. They are the thin biscuit type cookie like we had as children.

  3. I remember them too but the Garibaldi version isn’t the same as the ones I knew. I remember them as much chewer filling and the crust was chewier and also darker color. I don’t remember the brand. It was between 1967-72. I also wonder if it was filled with dates or figs instead

    • Yes, your memory is remarkable. That’s how I remember them as well and the first thing I noticed when I tried the Garibaldi, drier, less chewy, and lighter in color than the Sunshine brand. Sunshine you practically had to tear apart, Garibaldi’s fragment in your hand and fall apart when you tear them.

  4. Just received a catalog in the mail that I have had befor and much to my surprise there were the very same biscuits I have been searching for…I’d pay any amount to get them.. They are made by CRAWFORD Garibaldi. 5Pgs.!17.50 the catalog is Vermont country store. Toll free 1 800 564-4623..

  5. What kind of pressure can we exert on Keebler to get them to make those Sunshine Golden Raisin biscuits again? I love those things so much and the Fit’N Active Berry Crisps at Aldi’s are dry and hard. Nothing like what I remember eating as a child. I’ve seen the recipe online, the ones sprinkled with sugar, and Yuck! I’ll try the ones at the Vermont Country Store and will report back. Thanks for this website to vent. Does a body good.

    • About once or twice a year I write to these companies, hoping that at some point they will tire of my importuning and bring back products from yesteryear. Short of walking widdershins around a rotting stump at midnight, I don’t know what else to do. Thanks for the comment!

  6. These raisin cookies mimic the late lamented Golden Raisin Biscuits, formerly sold under the Sunshine brand name, and later by Keebler.
    Golden Raisin Biscuit Cookies Recipe | King Arthur Flour

  7. Crawford’s are not the same as the original bars were, and they’re also a major rip-off! The ones I remember came in a long pkg, and had several bars inside. My mom used to buy them at the supermarket when I was a kid in the very early 70’s, and they were wonderful! I might be mistaken, but I think they had some raisins in them, or perhaps came in a few different flavors. I’d love for the ‘original’ bars to make a comeback. I wonder if they’re still available in the UK?

    • I agree that Crawford’s are not the same, but they were close enough to make me yearn for the originals. I also think that the ones I knew as a child had raisins in them and not currants. Wish the old ones would come back too.

  8. It be nice if Walmart sold them in the Marysville CA store I’d like to purchase them again loved them as a kid back in the 1960’s contact Walmart store in Marysville CA let them know that there’s someone who wishes they’d sell them I’d buy a box of these instead of a bag (530)742-3775 Ron self

  9. Luckily, The Vermont Country Store sells the Crawford’s Garibaldi biscuits and they are delish! Taste exactly like the raisin biscuits from our childhood. Whew!

  10. Funny – I was just thinking about those and had a craving. I loved them in the 1960s. I saw the Crawfords on amazon but had remembered “sunshine”.

    Now you are making me thing I should try the crawfords.

  11. I miss the Sunshine version too. Loved them from a kid. In desperation I bought the Garibaldi version from Amazon. They are OK but not at all the same. Currants are not raisons.

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