This is London’s face of evil

My purpose in keeping this blog up is to post things that uplift, things that inspire, and sometimes just things that make us smile.

Today I make an exception, for a good reason.

Yes, I’m talking to you. You’re an unspeakable coward, a gutless, worthless, nutless loser. I’d love to hear what your mother had to say about this miserable, cowardly attack on an innocent girl.

On November 13, this thug ran up behind an unsuspecting girl in London and knocked her unconscious. The attack was captured on video, but I don’t recommend watching it – it’s not fun.

If you live anywhere in London, and you recognize this waste of human cytoplasm, please contact the Metropolitan police’s Newham violent crime unit on 020 8217 5890 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Edit: It is a relief to know that this bag of pig rectums, Michael Ayoade, was caught and jailed, but 4 years in the slammer for two such unprovoked and brutal attacks seems pretty minimal. He expressed little remose for his actions; this unprintable excuse for a man will probably learn new techniques for violating the peace, and be back on the streets before the terror of the victims has even had a chance to fade.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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