YouTube gives me the nasty.

Hqiz. Got a notification today that a video I posted was removed pursuant to a copyright claim.

I found it here: It’s the third one down.

According to the info on the page where I found it, the ad is in the public domain, so I put it up in good faith.

Someone else thinks it’s not, so I have a strike on my account. I hate legalese, I hate attorneys, I hate the whole copyright madness. Someone might simply have sent me a polite note requesting the movie be removed, but no – I get all this garbage:

Legal Garbage

I’ve sent an email requesting clarification to the claimant whose email address was provided – I hope they have the decency to respond.

Gah. Dealing with corporate legal hqiz is so unpleasant.

One response to “YouTube gives me the nasty.

  1. Oddly enough, after I posted a number of videos from a Nik Kershaw concert a couple of years back, I did receive a notice that their content did in fact touch upon copyright law (“Matches third-party content”), but my account still stands, and none of the videos have been removed. It may be the fact that I recorded the videos myself, plus the crappy image and sound quality, that has saved me thus far.

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