Let’s help the Mint out a bit, shall we?

According to this article at Newser, “Penny Costs 2 Cents to Make, Mint Stumped on Fix”.

They’ve been trying to create new pennies out of all sorts of materials, but can’t seem to come up with a cheaper alternative.

From a numismatic standpoint, I would “die” to have one of these patterns:


Martha Washington Penny Pattern, with “In God We Trust” and ‘Liberty” scrambled

But that aside, I have the perfect solution for the mint, if they’d just take my advice:

Stop making pennies. Eliminate them altogether.

There. You’re welcome.

Oh, and you say a nickel costs 11¢ to make, but a penny costs 2¢? Well, once you’ve gotten rid of the penny, that leaves all that existing manufacturing equipment available for making the new, smaller 5¢ piece… for only 2¢. Yes, vending machine owners all across the country will have to adjust, but it wouldn’t be the first time. Times change.

The Old Wolf’s two penn’orth.


5 responses to “Let’s help the Mint out a bit, shall we?

  1. Okay you want to help out the Mint…the solution is to do away with something that cost 2 cents to make and is only valued at 1 cent if that in reality. Want to help save the budget and cut some of the U.S. Deficit get rid of the Penny altogether, then get rid of some of the Old Blow Hards in Washington…take away their retirement…they work at the pleasure of the people so why are we paying them so much…cause I for one am not getting any pleasure out of any of them…

    JUST MY 2 Cents worth…LOL

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