Life Insurance: Spam ‘n’ Scam

The Internet is a perfect place to steal people’s money legally. All you have to do is write something, post it, and the equivalent population of Belgium will take it as gospel truth. There’s a lot responsible for this phenomenon, but lack of education appears to be the primary culprit.


This appeared in my mailbox last night, typical of the kind of UCE (junk mail) that Comcast’s filters allow to slip through.

Warning: NEVER buy life insurance from Globe Life, this is not an endorsement!

I could smell the rotting fish almost before I opened my malibox this morning. Red flags:

  1. The fact that they’re spamming at all. Ethical companies don’t spam.
  2. The “marketer” or affiliate being paid to send out this putrescence is “Future Modern Logistic” which has no internet presence and a UPS Store PO Box for a mailing address
  3. The bait-and-switch tactic using a huge headline plus an asterisk[*] followed by lots of small print is immediately suspect.
  4. A quick search of “Globe Life Insurance” brings up page after page of consumer complaints.
  5. Using shills to promote the company, even if the writer couldn’t get a “C” on a third-grade composition. Have a look at this “endorsement” I found at – the website is a black-hat SEO spamdexing site which provides no useful content but rather spurious data and backlinks to other sites in an effort to boost their search ratings:

“Globe Life Insurance Scam-Our Honest Review

There are some insurance companies that do scam except is the globe life insurance scam legit? Globe life insurance corporation is a great company who offers a great insurance policy. When we are asked if we think they are one of the insurance scams our answer is no. They have great insurance deals and if you seem up insurance reviews you will notice their reviews are great. Plus you can go online and get free insurance quotes for life and health insurance. When you get an insurance quote make sure you select the right semester life insurance. Also they supply event insurance in case you want to connect to two. We also have a protective life insurance company scam you might want to check out”

Bad punctuation, horrid grammar, and it goes on for about 8 more paragraphs of the same kind of liquid dung. I mean, who in the name of Mogg’s holy grandmother would consider doing business with a company that descends to this kind of tactic? Perhaps the kind of people who believe the “Cash4Gold” infomercials…

The Internet is a huge place, and I don’t anticipate that a small voice like mine, crying in the wilderness, will have a large impact. But if one single person reads this and as a result, refrains from doing business with Globe Life or another disreputable company of the same caliber, it will have been worth the time.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

*Like this. By reading this blog post you are legally obligating yourself to send $50,000 per year to the blogger in perpetuity, and to eat nattō three times a day without complaining about how slimy it is.

4 responses to “Life Insurance: Spam ‘n’ Scam

  1. One could say that WoT is a scam, being as how we have very little presence right now. But at least we can write!

    Oh, and a few years ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a comparison piece on several cash for gold places. A lot of them are on the level. Truly.

    • Well, we know that WoT is a legitimate concern – just google “Write on Topic” and you find the Elance site, the Facebook site, and a number of other references to it. And no complaints. 😀

  2. Kenneth W. Forrest
    [Address and phone redacted]

    Globe Life and Accident RE: Policy :00F472650
    Insurance Company RE: Policy: 00E831006
    Insured: Brenda M Forrest

    Dear Globe Life Insurance:

    On November 22, 2016 my Wife Brenda Forrest Died. On December 3, 2016 I notified Globe Life about her death and mailed a Certified Death Certificate, and her Obituary.
    On December 14, 2016 you sent notice you received my claim on December 9, 2016 and issued the following Ref Number:E0E6C42583DC0.

    On January 6, 2017 I received a letter from P. Davis, Life Benefits Division dated December 20, 2016. Davis wrote “It appears that the Certificate of Death received with this claim is a copy”. I know this statement is not true, and it raised some red flags and I have done some research about Globe Life Insurance Company.

    I have discovered the following information about the business practices of your company. Did you know that the complaints against your company are worse than average. Globe has a terrible complaint record 503% higher than the industry average. Complaints such as Claim delays, claim denials, failure to promptly pay claims, unsatisfactory settlement of claims, not being able to contact the company, rude service. Through out the Internet I found reviews of your company, majority of them negative, indicating questionable practices that Globe Life Insurance Company is misleading and down right dishonest.

    I hope what I have discovered is not true, but what I have experienced to date by this company indicates the evidence discovered is true. I feel this company is not attempting in good faith to make prompt, fair and equitable settlement to this claim which liability has become reasonably clear.


    Kenneth W Forrest

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