The Wizard of Speed and Time

Generations come and go. As we’ve often seen by what the Motion Picture Academy considers good films, compared with, say, the Golden Globes or the Sundance Film Festival – just being a big name doesn’t guarantee quality. And sometimes the most creative content slips under everyone’s radar.

If you’ve never watched Mike Jittlov‘s “The Wizard of Speed and Time,” you owe it to yourself to do so. This is not what you’d called “polished cinematography” by, oh, “Avatar” standards – but the special effects, done by one man in his effing garage, are absolutely brilliant.

And his song “Merry Birthday to You” (composed so he wouldn’t have to pay royalties for the old standby) is so much more fun than the boring, blah unsalted farina original.

One response to “The Wizard of Speed and Time

  1. Jittlov’s “Wizard of Speed and Time”, “Time Tripper”, and “Animato” were staples of SF conventions in the 80s. I would look forward to Jittlov’s expression in “Time Tripper” when he takes off in the time machine.

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