Tight times, 5 years later

Posted this over at Livejournal on 11/22/2008, but things haven’t changed, so it’s worth a rerun.

Lor’ lumme, times is tough all over. People are actually starting to seriously use the “D” word for the first time since WWII. Today’s “Overboard” was funny, but also caused a cord in my heart to be plucked, because in some ways it’s not funny at all.

I remember reading this book to my kids when they were little, and it made me cry. Today, more folks than I care to count are really struggling, and I even feel the cold breath of economic terror from behind the door on occasion.

I’m hoping and praying that whoever is able to pull the economic strings in our country over the next four years can keep us from total meltdown, because folks, we’re only a couple of degrees away from an economic China Syndrome.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

2 responses to “Tight times, 5 years later

  1. Didn’t you hear? We are not in a recession.

    Seriously, the economic figures say that we were out of it a while ago. Ha! I bet those who say that have permanent jobs with benes!

    • Every time I hear that I think about the kinds of jobs that are available to me in my area. 90% of them pay $8.25 an hour, and the rest are sales and commission jobs, neither of which category I could bring myself to do in good conscience.

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