The Passing of a Cultural Icon

I love the work of Charles Addams. I grew up with it, as “The New Yorker” was an ever-present guest in our Manhattan home. The Tee and Charles Addams Foundation is very protective of Charles’ work, so I can’t post the full image I want to here: A receptionist, preparing to leave the office at 5:00, glances up from her powder mirror to the Muzak speaker above her desk. The speaker front is open, and down a tiny rope ladder are descending five miniscule musicians with various instruments. Time for them to head home, too. I hope the small snippet below will not offend anyone.


©Tee and Charles Addams Foundation

Since 1934, Muzak has been piping soft mood music into elevators, offices, and shopping centers everywhere. Now, the brand is finally being retired. Not, however, the music itself – those of you who hate the lilting re-craftings of “Hey Jude” will still have the genre to detest – the new portmanteau brand will be called “Mood.”

Me, I’ve always loved elevator music. I find it relaxing, lulling, peaceful, must… spend… money….

So long, Muzak, and thanks for all the melodies.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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