Someone is an Excel freak.

Someone spent a long time doing this. It rather blew my mind. I thought I’d share it.

  1. Download this file and open it with Microsoft Excel. (225K, scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials – Virus-free, contains no macros)
  2. Select all cells [Press CTRL+A]
  3. Clear cell borders [From the Format menu, select “cells”, choose the “border” tab and click “none”]
  4. Set row height to 15.33 [From the Format menu, select “row” and “height”, and 15.33]
  5. Set column width to 2.4 [From the Format menu, select “column” and “width” and enter 2.4]
  6. Click  in the picture to display the actual colors.
  7. Admire the result. Brilliant.
  8. If for some reason you’re not able seeing what looks like a beautiful Indian village scene, click here to see the result.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

7 responses to “Someone is an Excel freak.

  1. Excel 14.0 32-bit they’ve hidden all the controls differently, and you can only zoom down to 10% – but I got the basic idea before I took the shortcut. The older the original file, the cooler this is. And 255K is small enough to fit on a floppy.

    Ahh, the Good Old Days. People with Apple-1’s and/or Commodore PETs playing with the driver software and making the floppy drive motors play “In a Gadda Da Vita” before there were sound cards…

  2. Well India is the last place on earth to visit! they rbbed me at the Airport! the Airport locker Service stole my belongings and retuned my bag half empty. there were n Police at the airport

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