Fruit = Love


Mango. Doubtless the irresistible fruit that hung from the tree of knowledge. Delicious and desirable.

Fresh Figs

Fresh figs. Jesus was so torqued that he couldn’t get some of these that he went all medieval on the tree that wouldn’t pony up. The only figs I ever knew as a kid were the dried kind, and of course Fig Newtons. The fresh ones come close to ambrosia.


Mangosteen. Down in Kinshasa they call this “the most thrown fruit in the world.” The center is all sweetness and light, and they are just the right size for hucking at someone.


Lychee nuts. First experienced these in Chinatown in the 1950’s, in New York, but never had really good ones until I spent some time in Australia with a mate of mine – he picked up some fresh ones in the market. These fruits are extremely volatile – if you’re not careful, they will evaporate even before you can get them home.



Lastly, a fruit I have never tried, but would love to – the jabuticaba, a Brazilian tree that grows its fruit on its trunk. Supposedly wonderful for eating, for making wine (I’m told the fermentation begins three days after the fruit is picked), and with strong antioxidant and health properties.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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