2 responses to “Bookstore ruined by an air raid, London 1940

  1. My husband watches TV basically all the time, and I do a lot of work (and play) on my laptop next to him. On one of his favorite channels, a tiny clip of the Burgess Meredith/Twilight Zone scene has been playing over and over again along with a woman, aghast, saying something like “To Serve Man—it’s a” ::cut off:: but I know what she was going to say! Either Rod Serling snitched it from C. S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair or the other way around. I leave the research as an exercise for the student.

    • Damon Knight’s story “To Serve Man,” on which the Twilight Zone episode was based, was written in 1950. The Silver Chair did not appear until 1953. I think that effectively clears up who did what first.

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