Dave Berg: It’s Time

I grew up loving comics and cartoons, beginning with Peanuts and the New Yorker in the 50’s; I never grew out of them, and over the years have collected a number of “completes” from some of my favorite artists, including Bill Watterson’s “Calvin and Hobbes” and Gary Larson’s “Far Side”. I’d love to own the complete Peanuts collection, but the way it’s being released makes it fearfully expensive.

MAD Magazine’s Don Martin has a complete collection out there, but one notable star is missing: Dave Berg, longtime artist for Mad and author of the popular “Lighter Side of” series.


Mad published a number of Berg collections, but the vast body of his work has never been assembled in one place; I’d like to say that it’s time.

Some hope is on the horizon – it looks like Amazon has gotten wind of a new collection, slated for release some time near the end of 2013:


But I fear it will only be a selection of Dave’s work, chosen by a committee of folks who think this or that is worthy of inclusion. As a reader of Mad since the early 60’s, I’ve probably read most of what Berg published… and I want it all. Still, beggars can’t be choosy; I’ll most likely buy this collection since it’s available, and hope that someday someone else will think it worthwhile to put together a collection of the complete works of this master artist.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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