Coney Island, 1949


A view of the famous boardwalk and beaches shortly before I was born.

A few years later, I was able to ride this attraction:


This was the Steeplechase, the main attraction of Steeplechase Park, which ceased operations in 1964. The entrance looked like this:


I remember it well. You sat on these metal horses, held on by only a bulky leather strap. Try building this today and you’d have 10,000 hungry lawyers looking for billable hours suing you for even thinking about it.

Steeplechase park was also the home of the famous Parachute Jump, originally built for the 1939 World’s Fair and later purchased and moved to the Coney Island area. I also remember riding this one. Despite some controversy over its actual decomission date, it appears that it closed in 1964 with the rest of Steeplechase Park.



The towers remains standing to this day.



Steeplechase Park was an amazing experience. It looked even more attractive in 1903:



Found at Shorpy

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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