The Sydney Opera House… up close and personal.

In January of 2010 I was privileged to make a pilgrimage to Australia. I spent a week in the breathtaking Wollumbin crater – indescribable, raw beauty – and another two weeks puttering around New South Wales and Queensland. I’ve posted about the Dish, the Solar System Drive, and the Warrumbungle – but here are a few photos from Sydney which I found of interest.

Opera House 1


The Sydney Opera House as you always see it in the brochures.

Opera House 4


Opera Theater Entrance



View of the city from between arches.



Side view

Opera House 5


Entry to the back promenade, off limits to all but seagulls and window-washers…

Opera Tiles 1



Opera Tiles 2


Closeup of the tiles



Opera House Bar

Go ahead, try to tell me Vedek Winn wasn’t an Aussie…



Seriously, though – It’s an amazing complex. If I had as much money as Bill Gates, I might just be able to afford a show there.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

One response to “The Sydney Opera House… up close and personal.

  1. It’s a beautiful building. The day I spent there (taking lots and lots of photos), I would happily have started the tour over again, immediately. One tour wasn’t enough to take it all in! And then eating lunch in the little restaurant, beneath the Opera House, with a view of the bridge! Wonderful.

    Glad you were able to see and enjoy it!

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