The Old Phishing Hole

Got this in my email the other day:



This is one of the most convincing fake messages I’ve seen. Most of these attempts are the epitome of crudeness, filled with bad grammar, bad spelling, and unusual phrasing. However:

  1. I’ve had my account with PayPal for years
  2. Financial institutions and companies will never ask you to verify private financial information by phone or email
  3. The link provided is deceptive, in other words, when you click on it you will be taken to another address (not PayPal.) Always watch the address bar on your browser to see where you are if you have any questions. If you end up at a page like, it’s not PayPal.

Invariably you will be asked to log in (thus providing your UserID and password; the more brazen will then go on to ask you for bank account info, credit card info (including PIN numbers), address, birthday, Social Security Number, and anything else you’re fool enough to provide.

NEVER provide financial information online unless you are at a secure site that you know for a fact is trustworthy. Be careful out there.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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