With love, to baristas everywhere.

Most people are not aware of The Whiteboard, firstly because it’ a webcomic and the vast majority of people out there don’t follow them; secondly because it revolves around paintballing; and thirdly because it’s characters are anthropomorphized animals which all God-fearing, right-thinking people know are the spawn of Satan’s fiery ass.

Their loss.

Doc Nickel is not only a skilled technician[1], he’s also a very funny and gifted writer and artist, and I’ve enjoyed his strip for years even though I don’t know the difference between a Tipmann and a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Long, long ago, back in the stone age when the syndicated comic Piranha Club was known as Ernie, Bud Grace did a series about a marriage between coffee machines and technology. As smart as today’s young people are, even they might choke on some of the antiquated references used in this series, but to a “Knight of the Old Code” such as myself, this was hilarious (click the image for a larger version):


Strangely enough, the last panel is still valid for even the most advanced systems…

Well, now comes Doc with a whole new take on the complexities of coffee making (and apologies for reproducing these here – I hope the added exposure is compensation enough!)

Clicking each image will take you to the relevant page at The Whiteboard:







Even though I haven’t been a coffee drinker for around 44 years (Old_Wolf_Cry), I lived in Italy for a good stretch of time between 1970 and 1971, and I know what good espresso is. I also know that it’s not a brainless operation to make a good cup of joe; a lot of thought and technique goes into choosing the appropriate raw materials and the process involved.

So the next time your barista takes an extra minute to whip up your Venti 1 pump caramel, 1 pump white mocha, 2 scoops vanilla bean powder, extra ice frappuccino with 2 shots poured over the top (apagotto style) with caramel drizzle under and on top of the whipped cream, double cupped, give her or him a break. It’s not like building tinkertoys.

Oh, and tip them.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

[1] An example of Doc’s machining skills can be found here. (I hear an ominous hummm….)

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