Postwar rations

A typical week’s food ration for a postwar Austrian housewife c. 1945-47


Nit allzuviel. No wonder that Austrian cooking went heavy on the oil later, when it became available again; there’s nothing quite like a Wiener Schnitzel fried in lard.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

2 responses to “Postwar rations

  1. Look at that amazingly gorgeous sideboard in the background! I guess this particular housewife was not so desperate that she sold her possessions on the black market. Or else maybe the picture was set up by somebody who didn’t actually have to live on what the hoi polloi did.

  2. Oh, and what’s that thing in the front? Looks like a slide rule, almost. Hey! Do a column on slide rules! Nobody knows them these days, and they were such elegant mathematical tools!

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