A New Phishing Scam

This scam combines the worst of the “psychic connection” schemes with modern-day phishing. Protect your loved ones!

This letter arrived yesterday, addressed to my mother – deceased since 2010. However, it’s plain that her name is still on numerous “sucker lists” circulating out there.


The Envelope (click all images for full resolution)


Notice how the letter tries to make it look as though the ink on the envelope has bled through to the paper below.


It’s plain that the photo is supposed to look mysterious and powerful, but seriously, folks – this looks like someone who’s been locked up for 50 years in St. Mungo’s Institute for the Criminally Disturbed. I say that without judgment, because the picture is doubtless not whoever is behind this scheme, and could be someone’s very loving grandfather.

At any rate, the letter is full of the typical handwavium and orange smoke about mystical powers, good luck forthcoming, millions of dollars to be won, but instead of money, this Josef v. J. drone just wants a few pieces of critical information so he can “work everything out correctly on your behalf”: your father’s first name, your date of birth, and your signature. With those pieces of information, you have (if you’re Mr. or Mrs. average American) opened the door to most of your financial accounts.


The “Magic Voucher” – Front


The “Magic Voucher – Back


The Return Envelope – Josef v. J., PO Box 3182, South Hackensack, NJ 07606

Why the Post Office, the FBI, or other government agencies are unable or unwilling to shut operations like this down is beyond me. It seems to violate every mail fraud ordinance ever written. Be that as it may, the force is with you – if you have vulnerable loved ones out there, watch out for camel ejecta of this nature. Monitor their affairs and make sure they don’t get sucked in by criminal organizations like this.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

Jayzus bejayzus

Cushlamochree… would you buy a used car from this man?

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