Viking Tools


Original image found at Flickr.

Wooden viking tool chest complete with over 200 implements found in 1936, in a bog on the island of Gotland at the site of what was once Lake Mästermyr . There are axes, hammers, tongs, punches, plate shears, saw blades, files, rasps, drills, chisels, knives, awls and whetstones among the 200 objects that were found in the chest. There are also raw material and scrap iron as well as finished objects such as locks, keys, a frying pan, cauldrons and bells. As noted, the 1000-year-old artifacts look as though they could have been made today.

Of course, several of the voices in my head immediately objected to this informative and interesting historical tidbit, and demanded that I post this as well:

Cow Tools

“Cow Tools” – From “The Far Side” by Gary Larson

The Old Wolf has spoken.


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