Know : Languages List and their Writing direction

Propel Steps added a pingback to my article on writing systems, and this article is fascinating in its own right.


Language direction

This is an index of the all the writing systems on this site arranged by the direction in which they are written. Some writing systems can be written in a number of different directions, others were originally written in various directions but eventually settled on one direction.

Why some writing systems are written in one direction, and others in other directions is a bit of a mystery. It might have something to do with the writing surfaces and implements originally used, fashion, the handedness of the creators of the writing systems, or other factors.


  • Left to right, horizontal
  • Right to left, horizontal
  • Left to right, vertical, top to bottom
  • Right to left, vertical, top to bottom
  • Left to right, vertical, bottom to top
  • Right to left, vertical, bottom to top
  • Boustrophedon
  • Variable

Example of Armenian written from left to right

Left to right, horizontal

The following writing systems are written from left to right in horizontal lines:

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