Daddy’s Girl is not Daddy’s Wife!

This needed to be said. This needs to be shared.

inshadowz: out of context

Iran passes new bill that lets men marry adopted daughters

Within the same month as the news told of an eight year old girl in Yemen died from internal injuries sustained from being forced to perform her “marital duties” to her 40 year old husband on her wedding night, a man five times her own age, the lawmakers of Iran cough up a bill that will allow men to marry their adopted daughters from as early as the age of 13.

“Officials in Iran have tried to play down the sexual part of such marriages, saying it is in the bill to solve the issue of hijab [head scarf] complications when a child is adopted.

“An adopted daughter is expected to wear the hijab in front of her father, and a mother should wear it in front of her adopted son if he is old enough.”

This is the…

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