Doc Rat: Silly and Serious

Earlier I wrote about Wapsi Square by Paul Taylor; today I’d like to share another webcomic which has long delighted me, to wit, Doc Rat by Jenner.

Jenner (a pseudonym) is a real-live physician from down under, and he works his professional experience into a long-running – 7 years now – story about Doctor Rat and his practice. Recently he tossed out a contest in which he asked his fans to write him about why they enjoyed the strip; today in the mail I received a wonderful bit of treasure, one of his original strips, having been selected as one of his five winners.

DocRat original art

For me, this is a Big Deal. I love supporting the artists whose work I enjoy, directly or indirectly, and to have a bit of their handiwork on my wall is like icing on the cake. I’m very grateful to Doc Jenner for his kindness, which included a warm and personal letter.

The strip fluctuates between gag-a-day format (often involving some horrid pun or other):

a ligator


Four Black Skulls

“Four black skulls” – I love that…

Anal Fissure

I concur


Every time


Drug marketing is given no quarter

and extended arcs dealing with the life and challenges of Doctor Rat, his friends, associates, and patients:

Doc Rat 20090213

Many of these stories are out-and-out tearjerkers; well-written, current, and relevant to events and issues of the day. I even used one to communicate my feelings to my then-intended and now-wife:

Doc Rat - Courtship

With seven years of daily strips behind him, there are over 1800 Doc Rat strips to enjoy; the link I provided above is to the start of the series. Jenner’s website is undergoing an upgrade, and his developer has run into a few difficulties, so the site is a bit slow at the moment; fortunately for devotees, there are 10 Books¬†available for purchase, with both Australian and USA prices.


There are thousands of webcomics available, but given time restrictions one has to be selective. This is one of a handful that I look forward to on a daily basis, and I recommend it without hesitation.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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