Just Imagine: Assembling a telephone

I had a wonderful few minutes watching this old stop-motion film from 1947 showing how a telephone was put together. The music was great (although I couldn’t help seeing Wilson, Keppel, and Betty dancing off in the wings somewhere.)

The old dial phones had quite a few parts, didn’t they? But on the gripping hand, they were built like tanks and lasted pert’near forever.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

2 responses to “Just Imagine: Assembling a telephone

  1. Whaddya mean ‘pert near’ forever? You plug that Western Electric 302 Set into a phone jack right now (might want to change the cord to get a RJ11 Modular Jack on the end) and it’ll most likely still work, and at worst it’s a minor fix. They took “Five Nines” 99.999% reliability very seriously.

    It’s the Phone Network that might not – they’re actually thinking of eliminating pulse dialing from the new digital offices to save a few pennies.

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