Neuschwanstein Castle, 1900

An old Photochrom of Neuschwanstein in Füssen, Germany.


These were “colorized images produced from black-and-white photographic negatives via the direct photographic transfer of a negative onto lithographic printing plates. The process is a photographic variant of chromolithography, a broader term that refers to color lithography in general.” (Wikipedia)

Below are a few shots I took from my visit to Neuschwanstein in 1976 – it was winter, and gray, so the colors are not spectacular, and my camera was basically hqiz, but I recall how wonderful it was to visit the “original fairy tale castle” that inspired Disney’s simulacrum.

Füssen - Schloß Neuschwanstein 2

Fussen - Neuschwanstein 2

Fussen from Neuschwanstein 2

Füssen from Neuschwanstein

Fussen - Neuschwanstein view

Füssen - Schloß Neuschwanstein in the mist - Cropped

Castle in the Mist

Fussen - Neuschwanstein interior

An interior hallway

I would pay large money to be able to explore the entire castle, turrets and all – most of those areas are off limits to tourists.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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