To dream the impossible dream

Growing up – or even being grown up – and dealing with body image issues is difficult enough in the absence of an impossible standard. Unfortunately for everyone, the advertising industry is responsible for holding up a zenith of beauty which is impossible for anyone to attain – even the beautiful models themselves.

The two shots below were captured from a video that shows model Sally Gifford Piper being photographed and then photoshopped.


This is the photo of Sally before the photoshop work was done. Yes, she’s had hair work and makeup and lighting for this shot, but she’s a beautiful woman just the same.


This is the “after” version – she’s been given body work and cosmetic surgery to give her Barbie proportions, something no human could ever hope to approximate.

Watch the process in the video below:

And as a followup, an interview with Piper herself, courtesy of CNN.

This reminds me of the Dove makeover video, that is worth watching at any time.

The advertisers should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such unattainable standards, but of course they won’t be, because the result is far too lucrative, at the expense of the self esteem of people everywhere – largely women and girls. The more exposure this kind of douchebaggery can get, the better off humanity will be.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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