Facebook Scams

I’ve mentioned Facebook “like-farming” before, but I just noticed a new scam pop up today, trying to take advantage of both Christmas and Disneyland.

Disneyland Scam


This picture is spreading like wildfire on Facebook, because people don’t notice that “Dιѕneyland” is spelled with a Turkish “dotless i”, and leads to a newly-created page, not the page run by the Disney company.

Be careful out there. Almost all things of this nature on Facebook are scams – there are a few real promotions by authentic companies, but they are few and far between. Don’t just “like” everything and anything that promises free goodies – do your research first, and don’t give the scammers a chance to make money from your gullibility.

Karma will repay these scum-sucking bottom-feeders.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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