What if it were the other way around?

Sexism and rape culture continues to be immovably enthroned in American culture. Awareness, happily, is rising, but only in certain sections of the population.  I think progress wherever it is made is a good thing, but we have so very far to go, and other countries are struggling with the same issue as well.

The short-lived 1985 TV series Otherworld addressed the issue of sexism with over-the-top camp in the episode entitled “I am Woman, Hear me Roar,” but sadly many people at that time viewed it as a jab towards the women’s liberation movement. Now comes a similar turnabout video called “Oppressed Majority,” a French film (with English subtitles) by Eleonore Pourriat.

How would men feel if they were really subject to the kinds of things women have to deal with every day? If you have the guts, watch this video – it’s not pretty – and think about it.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

3 responses to “What if it were the other way around?

  1. I saw this on facebook. A lot of people think it’s fantastic (i am one of them) and a lot of people think it has shown the extreme to make a point. I dont think it has shown the extreme at all, i think that having that mindset that this is an extreme and isn’t real is exactly the problem with society. Of course not all men and women are like this. Of course not all societies are like this. But many are. And in many places it is far more extreme. This is a regular society. It’s not cool, and denying its reality doesn’t make it any less so. I think this film is a fantastic portrayal of many wrongs that are happening, and not only that but these things do happen to men too.

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