Movie Review: Monuments Men

I had heard good things about this film from some people I trust, so today the Bean an Tí and I went to see it. Remember that Rotten Tomatoes accorded it only 33% fresh, which is a pretty abysmal rating.

You know what? To Pluto1 with the critics. To Pluto2 with anyone who was paying more attention to the fine details of cinematography. And to Pluto3 with anyone who thought this film stunk. It was wonderful.

I loved the cast; they were wonderful together. I loved the story; it was uplifting and inspiring despite the transitory sadness. And it reconfirmed in my mind that the incalculable evil and darkness that the National Socialists represented encompassed every aspect of their lives; to them, nothing human, nothing of beauty, nothing of decency had any value in their sick and twisted ideology – and they were most definitely worth sacrificing to defeat.

Was this film superb in every way? No, parts of it were pretty vanilla – but it worked well to get its message across, and I’m well-pleased that I saw it.

Rating: 8Stars 8 Stars out of 10.

1. Still a planet.
2. Always was, always will be.

Nine Planets Thumb

One response to “Movie Review: Monuments Men

  1. Netflix doesn’t stream Monuments Men, but it recommends The Rape of Europa, so I’m watching that. Very, very interesting. I recommend it, too. Not for the acting or anything, because it’s a documentary. It’s just really cool history.

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