4 responses to “Washington, DC Slum – 1940

  1. hallo,
    on my way looking for a picture that shows a slums-situation in Washington DC in the 1940 s for my “Marvin Gaye biografie feater”, that i´m working on – I found your foto. Would you mind, if I use it? I think, it tells more than words can do.
    greatings from germany – iris

    • Gruß Gott, Iris, und danke für Ihre Nachricht. Normally I do my best to provide original source for all photos of this nature. In this case, I was unable to find any indication as to who owns the photo copyright. At any rate, it is not mine. Whether or not to use it would be your decision, but I can tell you that multiple copies are found around the net. Viel Glück und viel Spaß.

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