Religion to go.

By way of reddtor /u/Typicaldrugdealer, we now have pre-packaged communion. Grape juice and a wafer for the sinner on the go.




The top comment from /u/TAU_equals_2PI was… wait for it…

“Christables™ from Oscar Mayer”

Denomination has not been specified.

It may just be me, but this seems to be reducing the core sacrament of the Christian faith to something terribly banal and mundane.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

3 responses to “Religion to go.

      • OH. MY. GOODNESS.

        Okay, I am now officially an old curmudgeon.

        And by the way, dunno about other denominations, but Catholics have a thing called a pyx. It holds the consecrated Host. I still have the one that I used to bring communion to Jonathan. You have to jump through some hoops to be able to take it to somebody, and there are certain prayers and all. To my mind, it is way more beautiful and reverent than this.

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