The FBI is writing to me

… from Benin.



To: undisclosed-recipients:

Attn: Beneficiary,

All the people that have their names in the list would be inset in our website any moment from now because we are charged to wipe away all the fraudulent transactions being held on the internet in which many people have lost their lives and properties. So it will be better for you to update us on the actual date in which you would be able to make the payment of $85 Usd to the agency over there in Benin for them to issue the FRAUD CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to you because that is the only guarantee that would make us believe that your name and ID was really forged and not real as claimed because the German Business Man has contacted all the Crimes Agency on this matter and it was your ID that he has placed in all the Crimes Department for a search of you.

This Certificate will be attached along with the previous Clean Bill Certificate so that the attorney who is handling this process could get everything mandated as you have only 48hours to co-operate with this directives and this last Certificate as stated by the issuance department would cost you the sum of $85 Usd and this fees should be paid within a short while from now on.

The payment should be sent through either Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer with the below details:

Receivers Name: Simeon Ekwe
Location: Cotonou Benin Republic
Text Question: WHAT FOR
Text Answer: GOOD
Amount: $85 Usd.

The payment details should be sent once the payment has been sent and don’t forget to include the Senders Name and Address and the MTCN NUMBER.

This is our advise to you and we do hope to get a positive feed back from you as soon as possible.



Never fall for these scams. Never send money via Western Union to a stranger, especially in a foreign country, especially in Africa. Just don’t do it.

Be careful out there

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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