51st and Lex: NYC, 1955.


Seen at Shorpy.

This is the New York I remember, the one I grew up in. Not too far from my home in that year, either. Notice the street light: no yellow. I remember sitting in my windowsill in 1955 or 1956, on nights when for some odd reason I wasn’t sleepiing, watching the staggered lights turn green or red all the way up Lexington Avenue (we were on 85th) – here’s my view, taken around the same era:

85th Street 3

The window to the right was the one I sat in, and I was able to see a couple of miles up the road.

I would pay dearly for a time machine and be able to go back to the City in those days. In many ways it was a lot more interesting than it is today.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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